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My five days black & white challenge in facebook

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IMG_8517.1  At Fjovargljufur Canyon, Iceland – this look like a painting but it was a village on top of the mountains cover with snow.

I was nominated by Lawrence Graves, a photographer in facebook to take up this black and white challenge for 5 days and each day I have to post a  black & white photo and nominate a photographer to take up the challenge. For this 5 days I have to name five different photographers to take up this challenge. I would like to thank my friends  Jackie Brooks, Kwok Kin Yau, Tri Joko, Hilda Murray and Mamede Harfouche for taking up this challenge, to carry the chain of promoting black and white photos in facebook and other networking. Today is my 5th day of posting and happy to say “A Big Thank You to all my friends who take up this challenge”

IMG_9236.1At Krafla Volcano, Iceland

I have never enjoyed black and white photo processing before but I simply love this opportunity to look into my photos and think how make it look better in a black and white print.  I am please with these processing and would love to share it with my all my friends in wordpress.

IMG_8843.1 On our way to Vik, Iceland

IMG_0365.1 At Wong Tai Sin Temple, Hong Kong

IMG_9597.1 At Trees at the Bay, Singapore – There are tree make of wire and planted with plant climbers around it and the walk way up above and around the trees to view the city of Singapore,

A big salute to all the photographers who take up these challenge in all different networking to promote black and white photos.



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Sculpture -weeks 2 & 3


IMG_3119The latex around the meat break apart but I love it as it give me the idea of our skin tone

My 1st attempt using the mode of material latex for my sculpture project.  Unfortunately, I couldn’t find my photos for the process that I had done. Dried the cured ham  then pour the latex which mixed with coffee bean  onto it. Leave it and wait till it dried.  But when it dried I peeled the latex from the plastic holder the side of the latex break apart and I had to redo it again and sew the ham joined together at the center. I love the soft, skin latex lookalike after effect. It also show the lines and curves on the ham covered by the latex.  I quite love this method but unfortunately, my cat simply love the smell of the ham and wanted to eat the latex ham which give me another problem of how to get rid of the smell and prevent the meat rotten.

IMG_3121 IMG_3120

I love this piece but as you can see from the photo that there are lot of black spots on the ham that was the meat getting rotten but on the latex I can simply see the lines and curves of the meat clearly display.

After 4 weeks later, the meat turned into darker color but no rotten smell come out of the meat.  I sew the latex piece onto a fabric.

Next I used wax to cover the ham. this process was not successful, the wax break apart once it was dry .  Mode of material – wax is ruled out.

IMG_1103 IMG_1117 – ham covered with wax

Dried the cured ham and used resin to cover it and left it to dry. It was not a successful testing again.  Once the resin harden, it was a piece of plastic coated the ham in between. So Mode of materials – resin is out.

IMG_1120 IMG_1118 2sample piece – ham coated in resin

The last mode of method was using latex to coat the ham and apply a layer of wood varnish onto it. When it  dried, I have a totally darken latex which can’t see the ham or the lines or curves on it. I feel so helpless at this stage as all the methods which I have tried  are not to my satisfaction and it will take about 1 month to marinate the meat so that it will not decay and also to get rid of the scent of the meat.

IMG_3123This piece – the ham with latex and polish with wood varnish.

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A Big Thanks to all my friends



I like to thank all my friends who follow my posts and blog. It feels so great that within a year I have reach the target of 102 followers in my blog which I have never expected it. It give me the motivation to work harder and create more beautiful photos for all my friends to enjoy. Wish all my friends have a wonderful Day..



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Sculpture Lesson

Our Sculpture lesson we been given a theme “On the Verge”. It is hard to go back to routine of going to College. My 1st week lesson had gone into research of artists which will give me the inspiration of what I am going to do. I had found a few artists’ works which I love Jane Sterbak, Eva Hesse and Fischli Weiss. Greatly influence by Eva Hesse’s work which bringing Soul into Minimalism using materials such as latex, strings, ropes and fiberglass.

HESS.2  Untitle  – Rope  piece was made when the artist was dying in 1970. Her work related directly to the body and her struggles she experienced in her short life.

49353Title: contingent 1969 – Using materials that is new to sculpture, like latex and fiberglass, she made work that hung, draped, dangled, looped, drooped, slumped, webbed, protruded breast- and penislike, imitated skin, suggested bodily orifices, spilled or just lay on the floor.  Contingent is made of fiberglass, latex and cheese cloth.

Fascinated by Artists Fischli and Weiss’s work. The unusual use of materials and the associated deception of our viewing habits are characteristic of the Swiss duo’s work. Fischli and Weiss draped sausages and slices of sausages on carpets, in refrigerators , ovens and rumpled beds and transformed them, together with pickles and cigarette butts, into element of everyday scenes, reconstruct from normal life.

At the Carpet Shop by Fischli and Weiss Title: sausages on carpet

Dig further and found this artist Jane Sterbak who designed  Vanitas in 1987. The meat is stitched into a dress. Lady Ga Ga meat dress designed by Artist Franc Fernandez and style by Nicola Formichetti.


vanitasTitle : Vanitas – 1987 by Artist Jane Sterbak. This process speaks to human vanity and eventual degradation of beauty as a result of aging. It also explain the process of death and decaying to human flesh.

Lady Ga Ga meat dress idea comparisonmade to similar found in contemporary art, pop art and popular culture.

outrageous-lady-gagaLady Ga Ga meat dress and the dress voted as its top fashion statement of 2010.

I have make my sculpture base on my mother-In-law as she was suffering from emotion cruelty from her husband. It was not physical torture that she was suffering but mentally. Her husband had restricted her going outing and watching television programs late at night and must be in bed by 7.30 p.m. every night. As an active and strong will woman, she had suffered in silence and sitting at home awaiting for her children home from overseas to visit her yearly. When she married to her husband, she had to work daily to support her 6 children  unfortunately her husband left home to England, leaving her to look after 6 children. She had to work in the day with a construction company carried clay and cement. during the night when she was back home she had to cook to feed the 6 children. Life was tough but she struggle to bring the children up by herself.


Finally, she managed to go to England to work but she can’t have all the children with her.  She left the younger children with relatives and friends and hopefully till one day she can  fetch them back home. To my  mother-in-law all the hard work didn’t matter but family, food and a house were the most important factors in her life. Finally, when she was retired and had a house in Hong Kong but the house to her was a cage where she been kept. Finally, when we went back home to visit her,  she was on the verge on explosion from all the sufferings she faced with her daily life. she was so mad with her husband that it finally killed her, she went home from the hospital and got mad with her husband and had a stroke that caused the blood bleed in her brain.

My sculpture will be based on my mother-in-law life and using different materials such as latex, meat, fiberglass, wax, resin and fabric. During our these 7 weeks I will be experiment with various mode of materials and method to see how it can be work together.




Home, Sweet home from Iceland

IMG_2100 IMG_2076IMG_2954

Finally I am back home from my 12 days self drive to Iceland and happy to be home again as the weather in Iceland are snowing heavily with strong gale. We have to change our plan as the roads to the West are totally blocked due to the weather condition.

IMG_2253 IMG_1950 IMG_2001

Our poor rental jeep car was totally unreliable as the car seen dancing all the ways in Iceland and finally broke down due to the fan not working. We have to wait in the garage for 4 hours as the kind worker had to welding the part together so that we can drive the car.

IMG_2200 IMG_1918 IMG_1781


The temperature dropped to minus 5 to 6 degrees.  the car skip to the edge of the road and we had to wait for 4 to 6 hours for tow car to tow it. The scenery is out of this world and hopefully I will able to visit this beautiful amazing country again soon.  The photos which posted in here are using iphone.

Tai Tung Shan – 大東山, Hong Kong


IMG_7246.1 IMG_7229.2

In Hong Kong, every Sunday, my friends will gather together to go for trekking or rock climbing. This Saturday  they have planned  the route to trek Tai Tung Shan, 大東山. Been told not to bring lot of things with me especially my camera not to bring the long len as it is too heavy to carry.  We also packed about 4 bottles of water and some food.  We met at the Tung Chung station and took a bus to Tai Tung Shan. From there we trekking up hill, there are 3 separate parts of this mountain, first level is esay with plenty of waterfall for us to soak into after trekking every 1 or 2 miles. There are several waterfalls as further we climbed uphills.

IMG_7250.1 IMG_7209.1 IMG_7096.1 IMG_7100.1

Source from Wikipedia

Sunset Peak or Tai Tung Shan (Chinese: 大東山) is the third highest peak in Hong Kong. It is situated on Lantau Island within Lantau South Country Park and Lantau North Country Park and stands at a height of 869 metres (2,851 ft) above the sea level.[1][2] The second highest Lantau Peak is on the western part of the island.

IMG_7105.1 IMG_7219.1 IMG_7123.1 IMG_7133.1

We have to wear the suitable shoe for tekking on the water so that we will not slip from the slippery rocks. Amazing scenery and sights and lot of wildlife in this beautiful mountain. The hardest parts is the third portions where we have to rock climbing up onto the big rocks. this mountains are for the expert  as I am not so fit and  my legs and arms are giving up and have to stop every two steps. I love the wildlife in these mountains and enjoy the trekking so much but unfortunately I do not like the rock climbing as I worry I will slip of the edge of the rocks any time.


Once we climbed to the 3rd level of the mountains, we have to follow the wooded track into the wood which lead us down to the bus station so that we can go back to the city for our dinner.  Hong Kong is the easier place to go for trekking or hiking as  it is easy to access  by the MTR or buses to lead you to any of this rural spots. This spot is not for unskilled climber or hiker so it is best to have a expert guide  to lead into these mountains. We reached the bus station about 6.00 p.m., I am totally exhausted and don’t want to move again and ready to call a nite.

IMG_7185.1 IMG_7064.1 IMG_7070.1 IMG_7083.1

I always look forward to the hiking/trekking session with my friends whenever I am in Hong Kong. The mountains are free admittance and there is no expenses incurred, to enjoy the beauty of nature which Earth mother gifted to us.

IMG_7089.1 IMG_7001.1



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Tianzishan (天子山) mountain, Zhangjiajie, China – Day 2



We went shopping for crystal after our lunch and in the late afternoon we came to Tianzishan (天子山) mountain, Zhangjiajie, we shouldn’t make this journey to this mountains due it about 4.30 p.m. and they close at 5.30 p.m.  We have been able to view most of the features in this Tianzishan but missed the most beautiful scenery at the top of the mountains where we have to take  another cable car to this mountain peak.

IMG_7307.1 IMG_7303.1

Source from China Guide:

Located in the northeast of Wulingyuan Scenic Area in the city of Zhangjiajie, Hunan Province, Mt. Tianzishan is a splendid vista of bizarre rock formations, precipitous cliffs, misty clouds and cascading waterfalls

IMG_7313.1 IMG_7669.1

It is one of the four scenic spots in Wulingyuan National Park, together with the Zhangjiajie National Forest Park, the Suoxiyu National Resource Reserve and the Yangjiajie Scenic Area. In 1992, Wulingyuan National Park was officially recognized as a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

IMG_7666.1 IMG_7612.2IMG_7550.1IMG_7549.1

Mt. Tianzishan is a typical sandstone formation, characterized by a multitude of densely gathered peaks, enjoying a reputation as “the king of all mountains.” Most notably, almost half of the 3103 peaks of Zhangjiaje can be viewed from this lofty stage. It is not just an ordinary place: it is a “forest” of mountains, a “kingdom” of peaks, and a “sea” of summits.

A saying about Mt. Tianzishan goes: “Being not Yellow Mountain but better than it.” The landscape here varies in different seasons and also in one day, which makes Mt. Tianzishan a very interesting destination.


In bygone days, the elderly would say, “Once you have seen the five holy mountains, you will lose interest in all others, but once you have viewed Yellow Mountain, the five holy mountains will lose their allure.” However, today’s experienced travelers exclaim, “Once you behold the awesome face of Mt. Tianzishan, it is unnecessary to venture elsewhere!”

IMG_7452.1 IMG_7506.1

Ascend Mt. Tianzishan by cable car and you may think you have entereda fairyland. Four wonders for the breathtaking sceneries will catch your eyes: the Sea of Clouds, the Radiance of the Moonlight, Rays of Sunshine and the Snow in winter. Cloud and mist in the Mountain enjoys high reputation nationwide, especially just after the rain, which adds much charm to Mt. Tianzishan. Clouds and mists are the most common and wonderful sights here. It also has the largest bronze statue in China, the Statue of Marshal He Long.

IMG_7494.1 IMG_7516.1

At these mountains peaks there is a mirror bridge where we can see the bottom of the canyon, it is scary experience and it need the bravest person to walk this glass bridge that surrounded the mountains.  My daughter has height phobia and after walking these bridge and it has cured her height phobia.

IMG_7342.1 IMG_7367.1

This is a wonder out of these world and it is a must to see when you are in Zhangjiajie. The fare for the cable car is expensive but it worth every pence for it.


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