Isa Bey Mosque, Selcuk

Isa Bey Mosque, Selcuk


Isa Bey Mosque is one of example of Seljukian architecture, situated below the Basilica of St John. The mosque was built by the Syrian architecture Ali son of Mushimish al- Damishki, between years 1374 and 1375.


The mosque was styled asymmetrically unlike the traditional style. The location of the windows, doors and domes were not matched, purposely. In the entrance of the mosque, an inscription from the god decorates the doorway.


The columns inside the house of prayer are from earlier ruins in Ephesus, making an interesting contrast to the mosque. The domes are ornamented by turquoise and ble faience, the characteristic of Ottoman style.



Crown-like doors from Seljukian architectural style later combin with the specific decoration elements of architectural style. The mosque was repaired in 1935.




The mystical atmosphere of Isa Bey Mosque is worth a visit if in Selcuk. We stop at the restaurant outside the mosque for our lunch.



The Bont, North Wales

The Bont, North Wales


Wish to do a project for my art project and my husband agreed to drive me to North Wales. We spent part of the day at the Llangollen Train Station and on our way back home. We visited the Chain Bridge Hotel, the Chain  Bridge is now open as it was closed for a period of time for repair work on the bridge. Since we were at the Chain Bridge, we decided to revisit the The Bont which is located under the towering Pontcysyllte Aqueduct.

IMG_2081.1 IMG_2083.1

There is 1 car track road leading to Pontcysyllte Aqueduct and at the end of the road, the left leading to The Bont and the right turn leading to Pontcysllte Aqueduct, a world Heritage Site in North Wales.  We followed the left turn leading to the The Bont, about 200 yards there is some farmhouses and we can park our car at the side of the road.

IMG_2085.1 IMG_2090.1 IMG_2092.1


The Bont is a private lake for private members of the fishing club. There are two paddock gates and we climbed over the gate to access to the lake. The public are not allow into this lake. This secret gem is a beautiful and stunning picturesque with Autumn falls.  There is a house sitting right at the edge of the lake and a commercial building next to it. The beautiful trees reflecting on the still water with the glorious sun shinning through the leaves.

IMG_2104.1 IMG_2101.1 IMG_2096.1

We only stay for half an hour at this lake due to  we reached here about 5.30 p.m. and running out of time to visit the Pontoysyllte Aqueduct. I will come back again, I have no idea why I love this place so much and keep going back again and again.  I have to share this gorgeous place to all my friend if you are in North Wales, make a visit to this gorgeous place in the lonely planet

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Basilica of St John, Selcuk



The Basilica of St John is just a few minutes walk from the center of Selcuk.  The ruins of the Byzantine Church of St John mark the spot where St John the Evangelist was buried. The church is on the slopes of Ayasoluk Hill near the center of Selcuk, just below the fortress in a town next to Ephesus.





It is believed St John have spent the last years of his life in Ephesus writing his version of the Gospel. Emperor Justinian from 527 – 565AD.  Believed hat a tomb dating from the 300s was John’s, so he built a great church above it in the 500s. Centuries later the ruin church was pillaged for building materials, but the restoration allow us to see the extent and to  its beauties.





Preservation and works in progress are carry out  by the authority to the ruins.  Walking up hill to the castle,  it is  in full restoration of the previous glorious days beauty.  Unfortunately, we are not allow to go in to visit the castle as there are security guards guarding it. Opposite to the castle border, we can climb up to the ruin to view the city of Selcuk.  It took us 2 hours to view this ancient ruin and  we are going to visit Izmir Selcuk Isa Bey Mosque which about 1 mile from the the Basilica.









Selcuk, Turkey

Selcuk, Turkey


We reach the bus station of Selcuk,  asked one of the assistance for the mini bus for the way to our hotel.  Been told by the man there will be a car to pick us up to our hotel as he had contact the hotel for the pick up.



Once we reached the hotel and check in,  been told that due to this hotel location is up the hill and they provide local pick up at certain time from their sister hotel in the town center.  Armed with the information we decide to venture into  the town and walk into the town.



Once we reach the town, there is a local market and lot of shopping we can do, the jeans and T-shirts are of good quality and cheap. We couldn’t resist the sale and bought some.   Along the way to the center there a lot of restaurant and shops. Surprised to see plenty of storks nesting on top of the lamp post. It is a sight to behold to, to see rare wild life nesting around in town.



After we have our dinner and doing some shopping  at the shops and one of the shop owner own a rare  swimming cat which one eye is green and the other is blue. He told us that he bought it from Van a beautiful city in the south of Turkey. That will be in my next bucket list to visit.




Skogar, Iceland

Skogar, Iceland

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We reached the Skogar Guesthouse late in the night but the owners are very friendly and helpful. We told them we totally lost and had been driving around the coastal of Reykjavik a few times. They tell us that the Selfoss Waterfall just 5 minutes drive away from the guesthouse. Told us  the night sky was not clear so no aurora to be see and there is a key on the back door of the guest house if we want to try our luck.

IMG_8196.1 IMG_8158.1 IMG_8204.1 IMG_8208.2

The guest house is at the foot of the mountains and nearby there is a church and a museum.  As I do not know Iceland language so I am not sure whether the name of the museum is Skogakaffi.  There are iron bridge and wooden bridge in front of the museum and lot of sculptures dotted around the fields.

IMG_8210.1 IMG_8211.1 IMG_8216.1 IMG_8223.1

Walking around  this little town there are hotels . museum and houses dotted on this little town. Some of the barns and houses were build inside of a small cave.  It look so gorgeous and just like straw houses inside a big rocks. After enjoying my walk. I went back to the guest house for my breakfast. The owner charged us cheaper than I had been quoted online with the The breakfast was simple consist of boiled eggs, hams, salad, cereal and toast.  It was value for money and totally recommend this guest house to anyone going  to visit Iceland.

IMG_8226.1 IMG_8228.1 IMG_8229.1 IMG_8235.1

It is so rare to see such a huge vast of lands rolling into one another with multicolor of trees, plants and grasses especially at beginning of October and thinking it was Autumn Season, simply don’t know how to express myself just simply fell in love with this wildness.  Totally feel myself so small and lost  in this vast lands and the weather changing so fast that it can be misty and  sunshine in the next second.

IMG_8238.1 IMG_8258.1 IMG_8260.1

I can’t express myself well but hopefully my photographs will tell a story of its own of this amazing beautiful country.

Inverness, Scotland

Inverness, Scotland




We are on our way to Inverness, Scotland. Driving along the motorway we by pass Blair Atholl.The river Garry rushes through the heart of Atholl like a silver thread linking all the villages and glens to create some of the finest scenery in Scotland.




The Atholl villages – Calvine, Blair Atholl, Bruar, Killiecrankie, and Struan offer some of the finest hospitality in a natural, unspoiled setting. There are plentiful wildlife and plants and if lucky, might see red or roe deer.




We didn’t stop at Blair Atholl but drive all the way to Inverness, where we have book an apartment at Glen Mhor. The apartment cost about £184.00 per night, and it is just right in front of the lake Inverness with the town center about 5 to 10 minutes walk.




As we only able to check in at 4.00 p.m, we reached there about 3.00 p.m. so we walk up to the Castle, A beautiful and well maintain castle which is been use as a High Court and it is not open to public. The public can access the Castle garden to view the scenery of Inverness skirting around the town




A perfect English country side with peaceful, serene river view. the weatrher change constantly, from misty to beautiful, blue sky and lighted up with beautiful glorious sunset.




Once we checked into our apartment, we take a few minutes rest and  go out to explore Lake Inverness.  Will continue our trek in  my next post.






Laodikeia, Pamukkale

Laodikeia, Pamukkale


Our second day at Pamukkale, we went to visit the Laodikeia.  Laodikeia also known as Laodicea was an Ancient Greek/Roman city,which is a set of interesting ancient ruins.



It been founded by Antiochus II Theos of the Seleucid Kingdom in third century BC, many of the buildings and monuments at the Laodikeia site dated from 1st century BC and later became a Roman city. The city was destroyed by an earthquake in 60AD.
Among the ruins of Laodikeia are the remains of the ancient theatre, which would originally have held up to 20,000 spectators. A few of the other ruins which can still be seen include the stadium and gymnasium (both 79AD), a bath complex and a Temple of Zeus.





The area has construction site machinery and workers are busy working to reconstruct the ruin.  A couple of well-preserved structures with no modern adaptation and  cordoned-off archaeological areas being actively worked.

We took the minibus to Denizli and the driver drop us off the highway, we walk uphill about 15 minutes to reached the site and the entry fee is 10 TL This ancient worth a visit as there are lot of works taken to preserved the  ancient ruins.  We reached this site early in the morning, to avoid the hot mid noon sun.  Our last day at Pamukkale, we have booked our bus trip to Selcuk.