Skogar, Iceland

Skogar, Iceland

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We reached the Skogar Guesthouse late in the night but the owners are very friendly and helpful. We told them we totally lost and had been driving around the coastal of Reykjavik a few times. They tell us that the Selfoss Waterfall just 5 minutes drive away from the guesthouse. Told us  the night sky was not clear so no aurora to be see and there is a key on the back door of the guest house if we want to try our luck.

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The guest house is at the foot of the mountains and nearby there is a church and a museum.  As I do not know Iceland language so I am not sure whether the name of the museum is Skogakaffi.  There are iron bridge and wooden bridge in front of the museum and lot of sculptures dotted around the fields.

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Walking around  this little town there are hotels . museum and houses dotted on this little town. Some of the barns and houses were build inside of a small cave.  It look so gorgeous and just like straw houses inside a big rocks. After enjoying my walk. I went back to the guest house for my breakfast. The owner charged us cheaper than I had been quoted online with the The breakfast was simple consist of boiled eggs, hams, salad, cereal and toast.  It was value for money and totally recommend this guest house to anyone going  to visit Iceland.

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It is so rare to see such a huge vast of lands rolling into one another with multicolor of trees, plants and grasses especially at beginning of October and thinking it was Autumn Season, simply don’t know how to express myself just simply fell in love with this wildness.  Totally feel myself so small and lost  in this vast lands and the weather changing so fast that it can be misty and  sunshine in the next second.

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I can’t express myself well but hopefully my photographs will tell a story of its own of this amazing beautiful country.

Love Valley, Cappadocia

Love Valley, Cappadocia

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We missed our hot air balloon trip, due to bad weather. The tour agent sent a truck to pick us up from our hotel to go for our Jeep Safari Tour. One of the most exciting adventures in Cappadocia is exploring the region in an off-road vehicle. The jeep safari tour offers a open-top jeep vehicle for unobstructed views of the valleys, churches and other cultural highlights. We have been taken to the hard-to-find places and away from the crowds for spectacular views and the excitement of traveling off-road in the unique

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This trip starts either around 10:00 in the morning or 14:00 in the afternoon and takes about 4 hours.  Our adventure trip by driving from Goreme to Cavusin via Love Valley. We will have couple picture stops on the way.

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When we reached the top of the mountains at Cavusin, it was raining, lighting and thunderstorm roaring around us.  At this stop we didn’t stay long to take photos due to the weather.  It is utterly exhilarating to see the gorgeous, rugged beauty of Cavusin where we are unable to access up to the top of the mountains.

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We came to Love Valley and the weather totally changed and it is sunny again. So the driver stop and let us roam around the valley  to take some photos. He drove us to a special holy place where in Roman times it was use for summer/ winter solstice culture. It is scared and pillars are carved with symbols and teachings of Islam. Unable to find any record for this scared place as the driver simply can speak few English and let us know what this place is.

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Fairy Chimney, Dervent Valley

Fairy Chimney, Dervent Valley

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Devrent Valley is spelled as Dervent Valley.  Dervent valley is also known as Imaginary Valley or Pink Valley. it doesn’t have any cave churches, or Roman castles or tombs in this valley.  In fact, this valley was not inhabited, it is frame for the The Lunar Landscape.


Devvent Valley  have many rocks formations and it is about 10 minutes drive from Goreme. We took a taxi from Goreme Open Air Museum to here, it cost us only 35.00 TL and the driver will sent us back to our hotel at 25.00 Tl.  With 1 and half hours to see and explore this valley in dusk.

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To be able to see this gorgeous valley in dusk is cool, the sunset enhanced the valley and it is spectacular, breathtaking fairy chimney valley. The small fairy chimneys in the valley form a lunar landscape or moonscape by their strange rock formation.

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The valley also has many animal shaped rocks  and it like nature sculptures  standing in their glorious new forms. There are lot of animals shaped rocks in this valley, take a time and let your imagination run loose and will see animals shapes such as camel, seals and dolphin.

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We thoroughly enjoyed ourselves at this valley and at dusk the weather around here is much cooler than in midday which is hot and oppressive in the summer . We were totally exhausted from our day trekking and ready for our dinner.  Tonight my son and husband wanted to try the Turkey cuisine but I had a go with Korean dishes. The food cost around 120 Tl for 3 of us, we enjoyed the beautiful cooked meal.

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We have booked for hot air balloon and safari trips for tomorrow.  it will be a full day outing for us tomorrow as we need to awake at 4.00 a.m. in the morning for the hot air balloons trip. All my exciting trips will be in my next post. We got a good rate for our hot air balloon trip at 100.00 Euro per person which normally the hotel can arrange this service for their guests at 150.00 Euro per person.  As for our Safari  trip is 35.00 euro per person instead of 50.00 euro per person.  It is best to source  all these additional trips with the tour companies in town, we are able to bargain for special rates than the hotel come with fixed rate.

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Goreme Valley, Cappadocia

Goreme Valley, Cappadocia

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We reached Goreme National Park and the Rock Sites of Cappadoncia, have been used and modified by man for centuries, is a landscape of harmony, with human interaction and settlement with dramatic natural landforms.

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The earthquake damage some of the cones and pillars, but it is a naturally occurring phenomenon. The erosion occurred  created the distinctive conical rock structures. The human created the fairy chimneys  and pillars to the rock structures, which made Grome valley famous for it fairy chimneys.

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About a mile away from the Goreme Valley, is The Goreme Open-Air Museum.  It is a vast monastic complex with scores of refectory monasteries placed side by side, each with it own church. It has the finest of the rock cut churches with beautiful frescoes -wall paintings whose colors still retain all it origin colors. Goreme Open Air Museum is a member of UNESCO World Heritage List since 1984, and it is one of the first two UNESCO sites in Turkey.

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The area covered by the Open Air Museum is a geographical entity and it represents historical unity. There are eleven refectories with the Museum, with rock cut churches tables and benches.

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The entrance fee to the museum is 25 TL per person.  It was still very hot in the late afternoon about 3.00 p.m, and best time to visit this place in summer is early morning or late afternoon.  It roughly took us 2 hours to see The Goreme Open Air Museum.

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Finished visiting the museum by 6.00 p.m. and want to see the Derwent Valley in dusk so we took a taxi to there. Our visit to Derwent Valley will be in my next post.

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Uchisar Castle, Cappadonia

Uchisar Castle, Cappadonia

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Our China friends wanted to visit Uchisar Castle so we decided not to visit Cavusin Church even though it was listed as a World heritage in 1985.  In front of the church there is a small shop and we make inquiry  with the shop owner if there any bus to Uchisar Castle. We couldn’t get a bus or taxi, so when a couple of German backpacker told us to hitch a ride.  We managed to thumb for a ride with a man and he gave us a ride to Uchisar Castle.

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We reached Ucisar town and there were some shops and cafes  in this little town.  Shops and street sellers at the side of the road leading to Uchisar Castle.  We were knackered as these areas were so big and the weather was so humid with harsh, hot sun.

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My first impression of Uchisar Castle wasn’t great.   The castle was made of natural rocks stack on top of each other. The entrance fee to view this castle was 5.00 lira, about 120 steps  to walk up to the highest portion of the hills. Inside the cave there wasn’t any furniture or relics from the past. The exterior of the castle was ulgly and inside the castle bare and stark with brutish dark corners.

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We had a surprised in stored for us when we reached  to the top of the castle, we can view the entire landscape of the Uchisar valley  in 360 degrees. The highest point in the hill was where a Turkey flag affixed onto a pole.  It was spectacular and utterly beautiful landscape of  valley with a mountain known as Mount Enlyes as a backdrop.  It is worth a visit to this place,  it is not recommended in any of the virtual travel and if you happen to be in Goreme, just make a short visit to see this gorgeous place.

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Supermoon Eclipse 2015 – 28.9.2015

Supermoon Eclipse 2015 – 28.9.2015

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We can see the supermoon lunar eclipse 2015, it was a sight to behold. At 3.00 a.m. the moon became a quarter red till around 3.40 a.m. It became a rare blood red. It can be seen all over the world, we are lucky to view this sight near our house.

IMG_0763.1 IMG_0901.1

I don’t have a special len so was quite happy with my amateur result of photography.  Hope you guy also has view this amazing sight and would like to share this special moment together. The next rare red blood moon eclipse will be at 2033.


Cavusin, Cappadonia

Cavusin, Cappadonia

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We stay in the cave hotel in  Goreme,  and the rooms were well kept and clean. As our room was above the Turkey spa so it was warmer than other rooms. Early in the morning, I went for my walk and amazed and surprised to see the areas were totally covered with cave hotels and apartments. Some of the caves were still under renovations where else some were abandoned.
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Surprised to see there were so many tourists from China, Japan and Korea.  So I make friends with some of them and asked them why there were so many of them in this area. The reasons for it was they got cheaper tickets from transit Korea to Turkey.
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It took us an hour to wait for a bus to Cavusin, it was only 3 lira to this place and we met a Chinese couple. We got some information from the couple, told the bus driver where we wanted to go. The driver shouted the name of the place  when it reached one destination.
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The quiet Cappadocian village of Cavusin was famous for three things: beautiful churches, abandoned rock houses, and great hiking opportunities. The village was dominated by its cliff from which a clutter of empty cave houses spill down precariously, making for a fun place to explore. The area of the village where people live today was nice and quiet and most people work in agriculture.
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We climbed up to top of the abandoned cave and surprise to see that it have became a pigeons nesting place. From the opening rock face we can see the landscape of Cavusin with green trees and flowers. I am shocked to see that in these harsh, rugged, hot mountains rocks totally covered with trees and flowers.
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Walking up to the mountains to the abandoned rock house we found that the mountain was make up of very fine sand stick together till it became a hard rock surface. Whenever  we step on the rock, sand and rocks slipping away and it might be the reason why there were so many abandoned rock houses. It seen unsafe to stay around in these areas.
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