Processing a photo by Nik program


Sunset at rapeseed fields – Tamworth – original photo

Sunset at the rapeseed fields

Sunset at the rapeseed fields

Process with Nik program

I went to Tamworth to take some photos of the sunset. In Tamworth there are lot of rapeseed fields so we took some photos but unfortunately they are too dark and the photos are unless to me.  I decided to go for my further studies to understand how the professional photographers work with their photos.  I didn’t go for the photography course which I intended to, instead I go for Foundation of Arts and Designs. During these few months, I learn most of the photographers process their photos to give and entirely different image to their photos to enhance  and beautify them.

The above are two photos – one is the original photo that I took and another which I have process it with Nik program. Give me your comments on these and which one you like. I am still learning and hopefully I will get better in processing photos.


6 thoughts on “Processing a photo by Nik program

  1. these images offer a wonderful contrast!
    nik offers quick transformations
    sometimes spending extra time using spot corrections and masks
    really create brilliance. continued good shooting 🙂

  2. Great capture! Out of the two I really like the top photo a lot. The smaller details are more present and the overall feeling of the photo is more dynamic and dramatic. Nik is one of the photo editing tools I use – I really like it a lot. 🙂

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