France Alps – Change of lifestyle

I love winter and dream of going up a mountain peak during winter time. We booked into a hotel in Passy  so that we can visit Chamonix.  I have so much fun, pleasure and emotionally in love with  the mountains peaks of this beautiful places.  Back home from France I decided to pursue  my hobby to go for further study in photography.  I have registered for  Foundation Arts and Designs which is a Diploma course. During my first 3 months course  I had been selected to do some tapestry artwork to exhibit at Lord Lieutenant ‘s office in West Midland. We just have our midyear exhibition in the Work Gallery in Birmingham and was shocked that more than 200 guests turned up for the 2 hours opening event.  I simply can’t believe that a trip to France which kick me to move forward and totally change my lifestyle. Every day is so busy with course works and getting ideas for our project and our final exhibition will be open house for 2 weeks and we only have just 8 weeks to design and make our final project. I have decided to go for my university study  for Fine Arts in September 2014 and hopefully  my dream will come true one day.

IMG_5993.1 IMG_6116.1 IMG_6132.1 IMG_7188.1 IMG_7425.1 IMG_7715.1 IMG_7960.2 DSC_0430 Passy National Park


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