Homeless – Art project

20140326_113833.1 20140326_113812.1 Homeless

My Fine Art project  to make a sculpture using fabric with plaster. I decided to use denim material to mix with the plaster.  I work  differently compare to other students in my class do.  I love to touch different type of fabrics and then testing them with different medias. Ideas will start flowing into my mind as I play along with the fabric. To use denim with plaster clay is quite hard as I need to find the tough denim fabric to use for my test piece.  Why would I want to use denim fabric for my final piece and can’t other fabrics be use.

All these questions been asked by my lecturer as I failed my 2 test attempt using 100% cotton to mix with plaster.  Put my exploring stage with media aside and I went to do my 1st interview with a homeless guy in Lichfield City. I am not a brave person but after attending my Foundation Art and Design, it make be strong and dare to strike forward to do something which I never imagine I  would do it.  I introduced myself to the homeless guy named Matt.

My questions to Matt as follows:

I asked:  “Do you have a home or place to stay?”

Matt replied: “Yes, I have a tent in the wood in Tamworth.”

I asked: ” Why do you stay in the wood and not look for help for accommodation?*

Matt replied  “The councils do not want to give him a house or accommodation.”

Matt introduced his two dogs.

I asked:  “Why do you want to keep two dogs when you can hardly earn to feed yourself?”

Matt replied: ” They are my children if without my children, I can go to the homeless charities and they will give him a place to stay but the charities do not allow dogs in the accommodation.”

I asked: “Matt, how old are you?”

Matt replied: “I am 47 years old.”

I asked: “Do you think of working or try to get some part time job to do, so you can have a better life style.”

Matt replied: “I sometime work as a part time painter but due to I do not have a bank account or proper address so no employers want him.”

I asked: “Matt, are you on addicted to drug or drink?”

Matt replied: “Not for drug but sometime he love a beer or two.”

I asked: ” Do you have family members, wife or children.”

Matt replied: “No, but my dogs are my children.”

I asked:  “It is costly to have 2 dogs to look after, do you think about giving them up?”

Matt replied: “No, I won’t give up my children.”

I asked:  “Do you find your this life style is by choice than circumstance force you into it?”

Matt replied: “It is my choice to live in this life style but sometime the passers by give me evil eyes that is the only reason which I do not like it.”

After my interview it make me understand that  to be homeless it is not fate or destiny but choice of their choosing the lifestyle they want to lead. It does give me an in depth feelings that there are lot of reasons, circumstances or maybe for the young ones that might be be fate or destiny where they can’t choose where you are born or choose good or a bad family to be with. It just make me think that in the journey of my life sometime I will have a good days or bad days, it also a choice of what you choose to make it better or worse.

The reason why I choose denim for my project that denim is make of a sturdy cotton twill textile in which the weft passes under two or more warp threads.  Over time  denim will usually fade. during the process of wear, fading will usually occur on the article that receive the most stress.  In a pair of jeans, these parts include the upper thighs, the ankles and the areas behind the knees. In jeans made of dry denim, such fading is affected by the body of the person who wears them and by the activities of his or her daily life.  It is the reason why I choose the denim to represent my final project  of crossing.





2 thoughts on “Homeless – Art project

  1. I know him it’s a good man every time i give some coins today was a shitty day for him someone came and try to take his backpack this man pretends Matt steal it and tell this belongs to him….Matt explain is not but that jerk don’t leave he alone….that guy pretents he is in army or something like that and he want it….i tell him i want a prove but he don’t have it…I stay there about 1 hour and try to make he to leave Matt alone but he don’t want….Matt was shaking and screaming “leave me alone” and that guy repet “i want to know were did you get this” Sofiana and Jack was scared to….was awful….oh and that backpack have a number G13 and that guy told me is his unit in Coventry

    • Oh! Andrea, where did all these happened today. Is it at Lichfield today, I can’t believe these people will do something like this. He is trying to survive to look after the 2 dogs he got with him.
      Couldn’t bear there are such cruelty in human kind.

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