Howth Harbour, Ireland


Traveling to Howth, Ireland
Traveling to Howth, Ireland

Howtha is a small village in Dublin, Ireland. It is about 9 miles away from the Dublin city centre.  Howth is located at the  peninsula of Howth Head.

Mountains and hills surrounding this small fishing village and with the oldest houses nearby such as  Howth Castle. I met a guy named Paul and

he is Irish told how the country fall into economy crisis, where he lost his monies on investments of buildings.


IMG_2744.1 Bailey Lighthouse

We went for a walk with our dogs unfortunately we do not have the time to venture up to the mountains, hills and rolling fields around this little fishing village.

IMG_2704.1 Howth port

The port are busy with tourists and locals  all out to enjoying the beautiful sunshine and fish and chips as their lunch.  The Baily lighthouse is at the south

east of the Howth head and there is another Howth lighthouse on the port. We have an interesting and happy few hours walking along the pier enjoying the


Howth Port

We have a great time with my nephews and his friends who living in Ireland to complete their university degrees. We will be at Ireland for 10 days and

hopefully I can visit some of the exotic  rural areas Ireland.




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