A visit to Passy, France


My first visit to Passy Plateau in France. Our hotel is in Passy where the Passy plateau is just next to the hotel.

We are lucky that the hotel room is cheap and also can view the sunrise and sunset on the mountains just right in front of the door steps of the hotel.



Early in the morning we drive up the snake roads leading to the mountains where tourists can ski on the mountains slopes.

Amazing beautiful mountains peaks and ranges where we can just walk on the slopes.



There is a nature museum building where tourists can visit, at the building there is a telescope where members of the staff can show us how to use it to view the mountains peaks and ranges.

There is a beautiful Passy NaturalĀ  Reserve Park with a beautiful lakes surrounding by the mountains ranges.



We have enjoy ourselves at this beautiful park and the water in the lake look like emerald jade. After that we drive to the town centre in Chamonix to have our dinner, unfortunately we are too late to visit Aiguille de midi.



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