Progress of my major final project


Using the recycle baby jean to make my major final project. i have to use a cardboard to draw the same shape of the jean. Then place the cardboard onto the chicken wire to cut the size of the jean. Join the 2 sides of the wires to form a jean then  insert into the jean.



Apply used newspaper into the jean and fill it up with newspaper,  I have sew a few crease on the jeans to create movements of  a child moving. Make a frame  to hold the jean up and then apply the plaster clay onto it.


child jean


Once it is dry then use the sand paper to sand it to make it smooth and some part of the jean material will be show through the plaster. Get a pair of baby shoes and coated with plaster clay but unfortunately, my plan of nailing the shoe on the plywood board to hold the  jean is not working out.




I have to drill a hole on the centre of the leg so that a L-shape metal pole pipe can be insert from the shoe up from the centre of the leg up to the waist of the jean. Drilled the hole then used the wooden hammer to push the pipe into leg to the waist of the jean. I am worry that if this method can’t hold my jean then I will have to redo all my 3 sculptures pieces. So keep my fingers cross and hope it is alright with my this piece.  There is a gap between the shoe and the jean so  I need some profession advice or feedback, I ask our technical for his opinion on my this final piece sculpture where to cover the gap or leave it.

Technical lecture Dan Feedback is ” He quite like this look as it show the in depth of the different from the jean and the shoe and it also create shadows and a play of shoe and the jean.

lecturer Graham feedback is” Love the look of the gap inbetween the jean and it should be leave as it is so that to create a different effect to the sculpture piece.”


After  finish inserting the pole into both legs and my little jean is standing upright on it own with the shoe on it. i just didn’t know whether to cry or laugh as I couldn’t believe it can stand on it own without any support. I am happy that my little sculpture piece is successful but I still have two bigger versions jeans to be done in the same way and whether these two pair of jean able to stand on its own as the smaller version or not I have no ideas. I will carry my experiment on Thursday and keep my fingers cross and start praying  that all will be alright with my two bigger version pieces.



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