Lost – work in progress


I quite happy with my daughter finally allow me to use her to put the mudrock on her so that I can make my 3rd piece of the sculpture piece. I have encountered lot of problems with this piece. It is beautiful and easy to work with mudrock but it is hard to get the tight jean out of her and it took us about half an hour to pull it out. Then I found that i do not have proper form of support to hold the jean up and lying the sculpture piece on the table, then patch it up with more mudrock and  layer of plaster clay applied on top.



It is hard work as due to no proper supporting frame  to hold it, it started to crack and I have to stuff newspaper into the jean to make it stiff. No matter how I patch the sculpture with plaster clay some part of the piece showing crack lines appearing when it dry. I was quite disheartened but have no choice but to bring all my pieces to the college to show

my lecturers.

IMG_20140427_163348 IMG_20140427_163353

Feeling lost and desperate at the moment as my two bigger version of jeans coated in plaster clay are not successful as I thought it would turn out to be. The problems which I facing with are  they are unable to stand without support. I have tried to use the iron tube to insert inside the jean but unfortunately, it stop at the bottom of leg and couldn’t go any further.

IMG_20140427_163412 IMG_20140427_163434-1

All my efforts are wasted and not only this problem, the bigger problem which I facing is the crack  on the plaster due to moving around and hammering cause bigger crack lines on the softer parts of the jeans.  The biggest headache is one of my lecturer, John totally hate it as he doesn’t like them due to they just look like a block of plaster. So I am lost and looking for another method to do my sculpture piece which I only have 3 weeks left before the final exhibition.





2 thoughts on “Lost – work in progress

  1. Perhaps you could incorporate the cracks in a way that benefits the subject. ex. like how jeans bend most at the joints. cracks might become like visible wear and tear. For supporting it, have you considered hanging from some pole or ceiling or something rather than supporting from the bottom? If you set on supporting the bottom you could cap the bottom and fill it with another denser clay or material(rather than newspaper). with some time and a little outside support at first I imagine it be heavy but stable…. Hope this helps. Good luck.

    • Thanks for your suggestion and ideas. Yea, my lecturers have suggest that I use the fish string to hang the piece and make it look as it can stand upright with the pair of shoes.
      I also will be doing another 2 pieces trying with using the metal pole inserted into the jean so that it will able to hold the piece upright.
      I have to no idea whether this will work or not but I will give it a try again to see how it go.

      Appreciate your ideas and suggestions and look forward to hear from you.

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