Textile -Project for Lord Lieutenant Office


During our six weeks course for textile project where we been given a project or subject topic to do is artworks to be hang in front of the Lord lieutenant Office. It is totally out of my abilities to think what to do and wonder who is this Lord Lieutenant of Birmingham.


The first 4 weeks just simply flies over my head, I have only just manage to scrape  through my scrapbook with research of artist and ideas what I am going to do. I love these artists works such as

Midori Matsushima, Ulla De Larios and Jane Enticknap.

Artist Midori Matsushima

Ulla De Larios

Jane Enticknap

Finally I manage to pass my this six week course of textile and been select to do this special project for Lord Lieutenant of Birmingham. Using the map of “the West Midlands conurbation is the large conurbation that includes the cities of Birmingham and Wolverhampton and the large towns of Sutton Coldfield, Dudley, Walsall, West Bromwich, Solihull, Stourbridge and Halesowen in the English West Midlands.”

Printed the the map of night  onto a paper than transfer the image to ascetic and so that it can go into silkscreen. Using gold and silver fold to hot press it onto the material. I have no ideas what my piece will be so I decided to go for different types of materials such as cotton, velvet and linen.


I will embroidery and free hand sewing onto the material. it took me two weeks of school holidays to make four samples pieces for my lecturer approval. My test samples of tapestries has been accepted by the lecturer in charge of this project – Ian Andrews.


Our group of seven students will be work under lecturer Helen McCook who is the famous fashion Designer for Princess Kate Middletion wedding gown. I am lucky to be guided by her during our extra six weeks to finish our this project.  During this six weeks, Helen introduced and guided us on how to use textile to bring our work into 2-D and 3-D image. I learn that textile also can be produced in several layers just as painting when we add layer of colours onto the painting.


From these extra six weeks, I learn to be more confident and thinking and striking out with freedom with my works where I used to be follow my rules and regulations. I have progress from never draw, paint and sew into I am able to do it and bringing them into another level of artworks.  I feel so proud and when we have our mini exhibition at the college where  the representatives of Lord Lieutenant came to view our works. The representatives decided to accept all the students works instead of choosing one student work as they love all the works been exhibited.


We are invited to the Lord Lieutenant Office to see where and how to display our artworks. The technical man Dan will put up all the artworks in the office on a later date. I am pleased that four pieces of my tapestries are accepted to display in the office.





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