Alternate ideas for my final major project


I have  no time to update or write my journal for last 2 weeks as I have been trying different alternate ideas for my final major project.  I prefer action than sitting and doing nothing so looking into more research to give me some ideas for the alternate plans which can represent my final major project.


Finally, I make a trouser and try to use it with car spray which my lecturer John recommended me to try for it.  So I stuff the trouser with rags or recycle fabric into it. It able to stand upright due to the materials inside the trouser.


Sample with with water colors on the bedding fabric and I quite like it as the pastel colors look quite pretty and also it look like a woolen trouser.  So experience with acrylic paint but it look awful and try with car spray it look good.  But when I show my lecturer about this new ideas it seen he is not kinda of like it or accept it. It make me wonder whether I do the correct things or still lost in my exploration stage.


Spend days sanding down my two bigger sculptures which one I can save it so that I can use it later. As for my the other piece make of Modroc when I try to sand it, the plaster can be peel of from the crack and the plaster bandage became loosen from the jean. I try to use different ways to save this piece as I enjoy so much making it, hopefully I can use it later. I took me 2 weeks  to make it but 10 minutes to destroy it.


I feel so happy and relief after I destroy my this piece. At least, now I don’t have to worry about wastage and dump it into the bin.  My self confident is at the lowest level but I can’t simply give up. I will give it a go again but this time I will go to the charity shop to get  another small child jean to try again.




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