Exploration for my Final major project


I have bought another jean at the charity shop and this one is for a seven years old child. It is slightly bigger than my previous one.  Using the same process with chicken wire and stuff with newspapers inside the jean.  Sew some creases on the sides of the jean to create the lines of movements.


I used the pva glue on the jean and let it dry. Once it dried then apply with thin layer of plaster onto it. Quite happy with piece as I find it is easier to make this due to it is smaller version and I have the frame to hang it so it is a lot easier than an adult version jean as i do not have the proper frame to hold my bigger version sculpture.


When I bought my this piece to the college to sand it and try it on the shoe to check whether it able to stand upright. Thank god, it is a success  and it able to stand upright without any support and i am so happy that when it fall on the table there is no crack on the sculpture.


I know that I still have to redo an adult version for my sculpture piece and will try to do it by the end of the week and hopefully it will be a success. I just have to keep my fingers cross and hope all turn up alright.





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