Last week -for my final major project


Times passing away so fast and now we  are at the last week for our final major project to be finished.  There is a week holiday before we back to college in June. Our exhibition will be held at Sutton Coldfield College and the opening day is on 10th June 2014.  I can’t believe that I have attend the foundation Art and Design for 1 year and now finally it is end of the school term where our lecturers are saying goodbye to us and thank us for being such a good students. Image

it just like the panic button been press and now all the students are up and trying to finish their major final project. At first I am worry that I won’t able to hit the goal of the school standard requirement and now I am worry about my final major project. I have passed several stages from my Exploration stage, pathway stage till my final major project stages. I have passed with flying colors for my exploration and pathway stages. Now is my final stage and whether I can meet the target and get a merit  or distinction for my artwork!!!


My lecturers are very strict and I do understand their problems when marking our works. I learn from my pathway stage that I don’t have to get distinction to be happy with my works.  It is the comments and feedback that are more important and how I feel on my work that is what matter the most.  During the pathway exhibition I gain so much knowledge which I couldn’t get from the books and would love to thanks our lecturers for giving us this great opportunities to learn from personal experience in our show.


Oi, my final piece is remade another adult jean with plaster.  This sculpture piece take longer time to complete as it is harder to do. I have to made the chicken wire and then stuff it with newspaper inside the jean. Apply the pva glue onto the jean and let it dry. Apply a thin layer of plaster onto the jean unfortunately due to it is stretchable jean so it is harder to do and the fabric is softer it make it harder for the plaster to stick onto it.


I have to apply 2 layers of plaster onto the jean due to there are lot of factors which I can’t provide for making this piece. First and most important one is no proper frame and second, it is the metal pipe that insert inside the jean which cause it harder to control the jean and the most difficult problem I facing is the stretchable jean is too soft which create the cracks on some part of the jean.


I have no idea whether it will stand upright without any support as I  will have to bring it to the college tomorrow to sand it down so that the jean can be seen through the plaster and hopefully I can patch up the crack. I still have a long way to finish my final piece as I need to paint a wooden plank with zebra crossing lines and then I need to sew another fabric to hang it on. Also I need to check the spot lights for my sculptures pieces so that it will shine through the sculpture to give me the plaster white color and the blue color of the jean.


Keep my fingers cross and pray that everything will go right for me this time so that I don’t have to plan for alternate plan to back up my final sculpture piece. Wow!!!! there is a great list of things that I need to do and check and without my final piece complete in time I have no ideas what is the outcome.







2 thoughts on “Last week -for my final major project

  1. Best of luck to you, Poh! I will also keep my fingers crossed and keep you in my thoughts in hopes that all goes well. I’ve enjoyed watching your project unfold – thank you for sharing your progress. 🙂

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