It is hard to express ourselves sometimes. Body gestures and words can help to express our thoughts. I think music  and flowers are the easier ways to express  our thoughts and how to convert the words into actions. In our busy life styles, do partners sit down and talk to each other any more, I find it is hard when my husband is busy working and we don’t really sit down and talk to each other.  Probably as we have been married for more than 23 years now and it seen we are so used to each other that it no longer need any words to express ourselves.



I would love to have my previous partner back where he will go with me everywhere and enjoying the same hobby of taking photos and hiking for miles and miles. Sometime I will sit and think where has he gone and whether he has been buried under the burden of the supporting the family. I could not wait  for our family holidays where we can totally relax and chill out and forgetting the load that we have to carry once we are back home.




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