Natural Reserve – Chase Water Park


I have been to the Chase Water Park several  times for my walk but the only time I had this beautiful natural reserve so amazing beautiful is when England facing a hot summer where water level at the lowest. The lake dried up and the bottom of the lake became dried sand mud. 


The rare birds had used the dried sand outcropped for nesting. The water dried up from the lake create a beautiful texture design on the lake. It is so beautiful that I have been back there several times but unable to see the beautiful outcrop or the dried sand mud of the lake again.



I have decided to keep a record of taking photos of this beautiful natural reserve at different seasons of this natural reserve. 






The Chase Water Park is a natural reserve park where rare species of birds which can be found in this park. Lot of bird watchers love to come to this park for bird watching. Unfortunately, the government upgrade this reserve park and then sold it this nature reserve park to public owners.




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