Finishing Touch to my Final Major Project


Suffering from panic  attack that it’s the final week for us to finish all our final major project. I had spend the last 2 days at college busy sanding my final pieces and thank “God” that my final major piece came out alright even it won’t be able to stand upright without support. I am quite happy with this final piece as it is better than all the other 2 pieces which I worked with.Image

The last piece also have the same problem with crack lines and after a final sanding it,  I had to patch it up several time with pva glue with plaster clay to cover the crack.  It had the creases and lines to show the movements of the body which I wanted it to be. 


I had painted the board with the zebra crossing lines on it then cut the wooden plank to hold my curtain to separate the bright side from the dark.  Unfortunately, while I doing all these preparation for my final pieces to be display in the exhibition hall I had found that there is a slight problem as the curtain will separate the bright side and the dark side of the journey of life, I have the sculptures to display on the bright side of the journey of life but what about the dark side of the life????????


To solve the problem of this I decide to do another piece of sculpture to display on the dark side of the life – from my pathway the lost soul or woman. I wanted to use the same theme to create a lost soul or a lost woman  by using a dress and a pair of shoe in plaster clay to do it.


Luckily, we have this week off as the term holidays, so that I can do it at home. I use a dress which non of my children wanted  but  it is not make of cotton but soft material even though I have know that it might be not successful as my pathway have show me that I need to use cotton or thicker materials or fabrics to do it but I would like to experience it and see how it turn up to be.  I know it is waste of money and materials to keep trying but without testing out I have no ideas what  the outcome it will be.



For this sculpture i used the pva glue mix with the plaster clay and then soak the materials into it. I hang the dress in the way  I want it to be display so that it will be thicken and harden with the  plaster clay once it is dried.  It seen to be working but I have to wait till the next day for the plaster clay to be dried before I know the end result of my sculpture. 


Unfortunately, my test piece is not successful and when I lift dress out of the frame and put it on the table all the plaster clay became loosen and cracked out of the dress. The plaster clay can’t stick to the soft fabric and the plaster clay loosen from the dress. Another of my test piece ended up in the bin but I have to try again as I need this sculpture piece for my dark side of the journey and not will give up with failure.



4 thoughts on “Finishing Touch to my Final Major Project

    • Oh!!! it won’t stand upright but it is alright as I can use the fishstring to hold it upright. I am preparing our final major project exhibition and it must be complete by this Friday noon. There are lot of finishing touch to be make before it are ready for the Friday.
      Thanks Jackie and wish you have a wonderful week.

      • Thanks Jackie,
        Yea, Rope in my husband and my daughter to help me to set it up so that I am able to finish it in time. It is just mad house at the studio and by Friday everything will be ready for the grand private viewing on Tuesday.

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