Journey of Life – The lost Soul


My stress level have gone sky high and need the good weather so that I can work my sculpture piece in the garden.  The plaster clay which I have is enough for one last attempt as there isn’t any plaster clay in my college.  It has be successful this time and can’t accept failure again.

IMG_4432 IMG_4434

I have change another method to do this sculpture piece.  Thank to my daughter as she model for her friend in university with a small size dress which she needed 3 persons to help her into it. The student had dyed the dress and it is made of 90% cotton and 10% with stretch material.  i have applied the pva glue onto the dress first and wait till it dried.


Once it was dried and applied it with plaster clay and let it dried.  So far it is good and I have no idea what is the outcome till the next day.  Same problem there are cracks lines in various places but at least it is still in one piece and the plaster clay didn’t loosen from the fabric.  Applied another layer of pva glue onto the dress and left it to dry.


Thank to “God” the weather for the last few days are hot and sunny.  Once the dress is dried applied another layer of plaster clay onto it.  Hopefully this 2nd layer of the plaster clay will smooth out all the crack lines and will smoothen the rough surfaces that can see by naked eyes. Thank to “God” it all gone well with my this piece and I don’t have to sand it as the second layer of plaster clay smooth out all the rough areas of the dress.

Finally, I used the car spray -black color to spray onto the plaster and it went well with the spray, unfortunately, I run out of the black spray and have to wait till Sunday to go into the shop to get  another can of spray to finish off my sculpture piece.


I enjoyed the last part of the work using the car spray onto the plaster it is so cool which is something different and would love to experience more with the car spray to create more artworks later.  Finally, try to use the black fabric to attach to the dress to create crease and fold as a drape or draping skirt for the dress.  I can’t really try this out till it is hang in the exhibition hall to figure out how to do it properly to create and make it more in depth to create another image to my this sculpture piece.


Back to college tomorrow and all we have to do now is to paint the 5 classrooms with white paint and scrub the floor clean. Then we will be allotted with a space areas with our requirements by our lecturers. Hopefully all will go smoothly and well and I will able to show my last major final pieces in my blogging for all my friends to enjoy it. Our final major projects exhibition will be held on 9th to 20th June at Art and Design (Sutton Coldfield Campus) from 9.00 a.m. to 6.00 p.m. The Private view : Tuesday 10th June 6.00 p.m. to 8.00 p.m. and all my friends and relatives if you happen to be in United Kingdom all are welcome to visit our private viewing on Tuesday – foods and drinks are provided.

IMG_4444 _DSC0304

The Address as follow: Sutton Coldfield Campus, Art and Design Centre, 1st Floor, 34 Lichfield Road, Sutton Coldfield, B74 2NW




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