Uninvited Guest – Squash-Bug


In my garden, there was an invited guest squash bug. I had a good time take photo of this little bug. This bug is a garden pest for us especially those who plant the vegetables in the garden.


Here is the source from the Organic gardening  on how to control this pest in the garden.


Organic Squash-Bug Control

Squash bugs feed on all members of the cucurbit family, which includes cucumbers, melons, pumpkins, and summer and winter squash.

The adults overwinter in garden debris and begin laying eggs in early summer.

In the OG Test Garden, we reduce squash-bug numbers, and their damage, by killing their eggs before they have a chance to hatch.


Find the eggs

Squash bugs lay eggs on the undersides of leaves in evenly spaced groups.

Get in the habit of scouting your squash plants for the shiny, yellowish brown to reddish eggs.

Also, keep your eyes peeled for the small, light gray or green, wingless squash-bug nymphs, which suck on the plant’s sap, causing the leaves to wilt, blacken, and die.


Squish the eggs


Kill the squasheggs by gently rubbing them back and forth with your fingers, making sure you don’t damage the leaf.

Squash-bug nymphs are also often present near squash-bug eggs.

If you see any squash-bug nymphs, be sure to squish them, too.





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