Burano, Venice


We went to Venice for 5 days and using the local water transport to  visit this island Burano.  A small fishing village with colorful cartoon like colors houses and it only take about few hours to visit this little town. During this visit we  found a shop where the master showing us Burano glass blowing and it was an amazing experience to see the great artists at work without designs or sketchbooks, all the designs were created from their minds and immediately a sculpture or vase were produced within minutes.


Tips and sources from the Burano website.

Burano is an island in the Northern Venetian Lagoon, 11 Km northeastern far from Murano and Venice, to which it is connected by the Canale Bisatto – Canale Carbonera – Scomenzera San Giacomo’s trail: this route from Venice to Burano takes 45 minutes by boat. This island is easily reachable also from Treporti (10 minutes) and Punta Sabbioni (30 minutes), two Cavallino-Treporti’s resorts which overlook on the lagoon. Today in Burano there are around 3000 inhabitants.



Once time ago fishing was the main job in Burano, while today is tourism besides retail trade and restaurants. That’s why this site is intended as a small tourist guide to Venice and its islands which can help you to find answers to simple questions about Venice Italy as “where in Italy is Venice”.

Burano, backstreet

Burano is very famous for its lace. However on the island there is a production of venetian masks and many people work in the nearest Murano, creating precoius glass objects. A detailed section about shops will be very useful for you to plan your shopping.


Great master




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