Final Year Exhibition – Journey of Life – Crossing


My 8 weeks of exploration, researched and produced four pieces of sculpture pieces. My work theme – the journey of life from when we are born till we grow old. My parents wanted me to have a good education so that in the future I can achieve my goal.  During our this journey of life we might encountered unexpected forces of circumstances, illness, drugs and drinks to change our life from bright side to dark side.





Three of my sculptural pieces represent  a family of young children and a parent;  using the denim fabric which is a strong, hard woven material to illustrate the daily working life in our world.  The creases on the denim show the movements of our daily day life and the fabric covered with plaster clay.  I love the pure white of the plaster clay to represent the bright side in the journey of life.


My last piece is a “lost Soul” which illustrate that a person passed away and become a lost soul in the afterlife world. In our Chinese culture or tradition when a person dead we burned paper clothings, dresses or shoes to the lost soul so that they can have it in the afterlife world. My last piece is a dress made with plaster clay to represent a paper dress and spray with black car spray and drape with the curtain to separate the bright side from the dark side in the journey of life.


Our final year exhibition public viewing is on the 10th June from 6.00 p.m. to 8.00 p.m. at Sutton Coldfield Campus, Outline Art and Design  – Summer Shows  June 2014.  This exhibition will be open to public from 10th June to 20th June all friends and relatives are welcome if you happen in England. Email me and let me know  if you want further details on the shows.




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