Uninvited guest – Damselfly


I had been watching “Spring Watch” for 3 weeks and follow the advice of not mowing the garden and let the grasses grow wildly. I had an invited guest in by garden yesterday, a pair of damselflies flying in the garden till sunset. I had a great opportunities to take photos of this beautiful insects.


Source from British Dragonfly Society

In many ways this could be considered to be the most typical British damselfly. It shares its blue and black colouration with several other species. It can be distinguished from the others by its broad ante-humeral stripes. In the male, S2 has a characteristic mark of a spot linked to the inter segment suture by a short line. S8 and S9 are entirely blue.
The female occurs in two colour forms, one blue, as in the male, the other dull green. The mark on S2 is thistle shaped and there is a “Christmas tree” shaped stepped triangle on S8.
They often perch gregariously on emergent plant stems, all facing the same way.



It occurs in most waters and on large lakes is usually the most abundant species.



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