A Happy Father’s Day – 2014


ImageSalute to all the fathers and wish all of you have “A Happy Father’s Day”. It is a day to celebrate with the families members to show their appreciation that men are as good as women as parents to all our children.  A day for children to show their love to their fathers and say “I love you”.


My father died when I am 10 years old even though he was always in my heart and treasured times when he was ill I had to look after him for the last few years. He was not rich or successful but he had a heart full of love for all his 6 children, he tried his best to earn enough to feed us and clothed us but we do not have all the luxuries keepsake or toys for our childhood.  All of us were always bellyful and well dressed and all of us squeezed into a two room bedrooms village home.


A Happy, Happy Father’s Day to all the Fathers in this world. A small token of my photos to show my appreciation for this great man and for all the fathers in this world.



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