A visit to Moon Lake Park -月湖, Ningbo, China

Moon Lake Park

A visit to Hong Kong  to meet my sisters and friends and to visit  Ningbo, China so that we can sightseeing together.  We booked into the hotel – Orange Hotel which cost 20.00 English pounds sterling a night, a beautiful 3 stars hotel, from the hotel about 20 minutes walk to this Moon lake Park, in Ningbo, China.


China have an amazing beautiful scenic places  of this world  a must to see but it is  hard to enjoy yourself due to most of the scenic places are full of locals and tourists which make it harder for  personal enjoyment and appreciation of the scenery due to the crowds.  It is a love and hate whenever I visit this country.



Ningbo Moon Lake, also known as Ningbo Yuehu (月湖), is located in the downtown district. It is a great place for a picnic, stroll, or a paddle around the lake in one of the boats available for hire.   According to historical records, in the urban area of Ningbo the Moon Lake was initially built in 636, the 10th year of the Tang Zhenguan period.



During the Southern Song Dynasty, a lot of towers, terraces and pavilions were built in the region that form the ten wonderful scenic attractions surrounded with seven bridges and three embankments.



In 833, Magistrate Wang Yuanwei of Maoxian County (the present Ningbo) decided to build water conservancy projects. Under his leadership, channels and weirs were built and water from Lunshan Mountain was led through the waterways into the city and two lakes, the Sun Lake and the Moon Lake thus came into being. During the Northern and Southern Song Dynasties, Ningbo had gradually grown into a flourishing metropolis and a city of strategic importance that was close to the then capital city (Hangzhou in the South Song Dynasty). As the waterways within the city had been successively dredged, a crisscross water network, with the Moon Lake as the heart, was formed. It was well known with its “three rivers plus six canals with a lake at the core”.

IMG_0473.1 IMG_0496.1

In the past 800 years, the Moon Lake has been an important academic spot, well known in south China for its fine education tradition and many historical celebrities and poets in China like He Zhizhang, Wang Anshi, and Sima Guang often gathered here to enjoy the beautiful scenery of the Moon Lake.

IMG_0515.1 IMG_0345

I was totally enchanted by this town  there are so many tourists attraction, nice posh shopping centre to shop and food stalls with amazing beautiful cook foods at a cheap rate. Fully recommend to anyone if you have time or happen to be near this city just take a day or two to see the beautiful scenery in this town.






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