Golden Whip Brook, Zhiangjiajie, China – 金鞭溪 (中国) – Day 2


Once we came out  of  the Huanglong Cave, Zhiangjiajie, -黄龙洞,   our guide Tung met us at the entrance.  He explained to us that our day was full of trekking and sightseeing so to save time he had order the local dishes for our lunch.  We had a wonderful lunch and time for our walk.

IMG_6490.1 IMG_6503.1 IMG_6518.1

Our next destination was “Golden Whip Brook, Zhiangjiajie, -金鞭溪. The entrance fee is 245 RMB which included the Zhiangjiajie National Park and the ticket is valid for 2 to 3 days. Golden Whip Brook was situated at the Wulingyuan Scenic  Area -武陵源 of Zhangjiajie. The brook meanders its way through 5.5 km (3.5 mi) of mountains and valleys. It is about 2 mile from the entrance to the waterfall where we stop for half an hour to soak our feet and enjoying the fresh mountain water.

IMG_6519.1 IMG_6573.1 IMG_6794.1

After busy soaking our foots and taking photos our guide lead us to the densely forest where lot of monkeys asking for foods from the tourists – we were advice not to feed them. I had a great time enjoying myself taking photos of them especially one of the monkey who face keep changing with different emotions and I couldn’t resist to take a serial photos of him/she.

IMG_6531.1 IMG_6532.1 IMG_6533.1 IMG_6534.1

It was a long walk and along the forest the stream flow and we even can go down to the waterfall or the stream but due to our shortage of time and we still have a long way to trek up to the mountains so our guide just gave us time to rest and carry on our trekking uphills.  The youngsters will take about 1 or 2 hours to trek uphill but unfortunately, the guide Tung didn’t aware our  group of 7 people some at the age of 60+, 50+ and 2 youngsters, both myself and my 2nd sister weren’t so fit so it took us longer to trek uphill. There is a easier way to go uphill is  by the cable car but due to the tour guide know our interest in forest and wild life so he choose the trekking and we will get to see more of the wild life in Golden Whip Brook.



There are also more scenic place near Golden Whip Brook but we do not visit them as the guide only lead us to the most beautiful one and other almost similar so we don’t have to waste our times and have more times for other sight-seeing. The other scenic places nearby are Golden Whip Rock- 金鞭岩, Purple Grass Pond – 紫草潭, Jumping Fish Pond  跳鱼潭) and Zhangliang Tomb – 张良墓.


Please note that in my photos there were not a lot of crowds and the reasons for this is our guide Tung trying his best to avoid those crowds by taking us to these scenic places at a different timing so that we will not clash with the lot which meant we must rushed to take to last cable car or we might missed one of the bigger and scenic spot which is a must to visit but we can’t due to they are going to close  and we can’t go there.


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