The Grand Canyon, Zhangjiajie, china -大峡谷 (中国) – Day 3


After our trekking on day 2, our guide had arranged for us to have  massage for our legs and body. My husband, son and friend went for it and it cost 120 RMB  per person which was good and they enjoyed it.  The next morning our trip began at 8.00 a.m. to the Grand Canyon, 大峡谷 which only  20 minutes away from Wulingyuan.  The entrance fee is 150 RMB which come with a tour guide from the National Park to explain the history of this place and lead us into Canyon.


We had been lead into two mountains gap and  there is a steep stairs leading down the Canyon, it is narrow and steep stairs with the iron railings to hold on it. We can see the gap between the two mountains cliffs which is know as “一线天” with the light from the sun shone through the gap.  When we came to a level stop  our guide gave each of us a canvas and gloves which cost 20 RMB, the canvas to tie around our waist and we must wear the hand glove as we need to go down by  the slides to  the bottom of the Canyon.  The guide teach us to  how to control the movements by using  our legs on either sides of the slide to control the speed of going down. We have to slide down around seven levels to the bottom of the Canyon.


We were scared but it look exciting and we enjoy it. Once we reached the bottom of the Canyon, the beautiful forest with light from sunlight make the forest look magical.. While we trekked into the forest we can hear the sound of the waterfall and we even can go near to the waterfall to get wet and cool down from the heat. We followed the wooden bridges with the ponds surrounding the forest the guide told us that the water in these rivers only flow inwards around these mountains. Every turn and bend  the ponds changed colors from green to blue  and as we walk deeper into the forests the colors keep changing at every turns and bends. There were so many species of butterflies  and other wildlifes in these forest.


We had seen some local were down at the bottom of the waterfall  enjoying a cool dip.  The beautiful ponds and forests surrounded by the mountains as a backdrop. I have never see such an amazing place like this before especially there aren’t a lot of tourists which is a plus side.  The most horrible nightmare was  happening to me as our next adventure  was to swing from one mountain to another mountain by sitting on a string make chair and control by the pulley to swing us over to the other side.  Our guide didn’t tell me in advance and I scared of heights and this was going to kill me.


All of us have to wear a safety jacket then the helper will assist us onto the chair. I told the helper that i will walk to the other mountain but been told there wasn’t  any other alternate or route to the other mountain. This is their way to travel from one end to another. The helper let me sat on the chair for 10 to 30 minutes so I can  get used to it,  till I am ready then they will swing me over.  It took me about 25 minutes to get used to it and the helper swing me out to the other mountain. I tried to open my eyes to look into the canyon but my heart seen to stop beating,  I had no choice but to close my eyes and pray to God to lead me to safely in one piece.

IMG_7119.1 IMG_7087.1

I am so lucky that my chair swing straight to the other end, as for my sisters and daughter, they were stuck in the middle of the  of mountains and the helpers had to use the pulley to pull them toward one end.  My children love it and my sisters and friend they simply love and enjoy it. This was a great adventure that was once in a lifetime that everyone must experience it. We all decided there was only one word to described it “Cool”.


The adventure does not end here as our guide told us that we needed to walk for about 500 m away, there was a boat trip to cruise around the canyon to enjoy this majestic canyon and this boat trip will take us to the exit of the National Park.  On the boat trip our tour guide and another lady guide sang their local mountain song while we cruising  around the mountains and give a soft and tender feeling to this beautiful place.


This magical place was not in my itinerary as I do not know about this place even with all my research into the website. Been told by the guide that this place is founded in year 2008 and every day they have about 10,000 tourists visit this place. We are lucky that there weren’t  a lot of tourists on this day.

_DSC0548 _DSC0540

This is a most interesting and adventure site to recommend to all my friends and it is a must to visit as it worth all the monies for the entrance and extra fees incurred.


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