Cheung Chau, Hong Kong -長洲


A day trip to visit Cheung Chau, Hong Kong -長洲. Cheung Chau known as Long Island is located 12 km south west of Hong Kong Island. The small dumbbell shaped island approximately 2.5 kms in length, it has a population of around 24,000 whose live in the central part of the island.This endearing Island is full or colors, character which is a surprise to many visitors and it is easily reached and worth a visit.

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Arriving at the island the ferry enters the busy harbor. The island has a large fishing fleet and trawlers can usually be seen berthed alongside  sampans, junks,  and houseboats. The ferry pier is on the west side of the island next to the Praya which is lined with seafood restaurants and small shops

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Cycling is popular and two seat tricycles with sun canopies can be hired from shops on the harbor side on Praya Street and Tai Hing Road and these are an enjoyable way to explore the flat western side of the island. On the opposite side of the causeway on the eastern side of the island is the sandy Tung Wan Beach and at just round the corner beyond the Warwick Hotel at the southern end of the beach is the attractive Kwun Yam Bay and Cheung Chau Windsurfing Centre.

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There are tourists guides for the trails such as “Italian Beach” and then round the coastline past Reclining Rock to the Cheung Po Tsai pirates cave. Along the pier there were lot of restaurant offering seafood dishes but find one that have lot of locals so that not  overcharge by the restaurants.  We had tried the local popular dishes are the “mango rice pudding”, porridge and the desert.

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I fully recommend this Island for a day trip and trekker who love to hike when in Hong Kong.  A ten stars scored for this little fishing Island.



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