Shek O, Hong Kong – 石澳


I had made arrangement with friends to go down to Shek O to take the Harvest Moon on Moon Cake  Festival nite. Unfortunately, it rain quite heavily and we felt quite disheartened and wondered whether to go or cancel the trip.


Source from Wikipedi:

The name “Shek O” literally means the “rocky bay”. The entire area is a peninsula on the southern coast of the Hong Kong Island, facing the South China Sea. Shek O is surrounded by Shek O Country Park,Big Wave Bay and Cape D’Aguilar.


Shek O Beach is a sandy public beachat Shek O. The water quality is fair and is gazetted Grade 2. It is a popular weekend and holiday destination, offering a public barbecue area and many restaurants. The rocky cliffs provide an excellent place for sports climbing.


Around one mile north of Shek O beach, after passing the Shek O Country Club, is Big Wave Bay. As its name suggests, big waves roll on to the beach, propelled by the wind, making it a popular destination for surfers. Wind surfers can be found in the sea off Big Wave Bay and Shek O beaches. The Dragon’s Back above Shek O is home to Hong Kong Island’s only paragliding site. Paragliders can be seen riding the lift and landing at the nearby Rocky Bay. Big Wave Bay Beach is also the site of prehistoric rock carving similar to those found on Cheung Chau Island.


Both beaches have basic bars and restaurants, and equipment hire, such as body boards and lilos. In addition, Shek O Beach has a small golf course.


Due to the isolated location of Shek O, the environment near the beach remains rustic and quiet, which is one of the area’s main attractions.


It is easy to get there by the local bus. Shek O  is served by Shek O Road, which connects Tai Tam Road to Stanley and Chai Wan. There is one public transport link toward Shek O Beach: bus route 9 from Shau Kei Wan. There is limited parking near the beach. It is also served by red minibuses


Luckily, the rain stop and we did get some of the sunset and the Harvest moon, as I didn’t bought my tripod stand with me so I have missed out all the best bit  as going out to the rocky cliffs. We had our dinner in one of the restaurants in the Shek O village.


It is worth a visit to this beautiful village and enjoy sun bathing on the beaches when in Hong Kong. It is cool way to avoid from the busy crowds in the cities and this is the place just for it.


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