Digbeth First Friday – Birmingham -Art exhibitions


Digbeth First Friday is every month the 1st week Friday, at Birmingham where all artists will be showing their works around Stryx, Eastside Project and Vivid .  These galleries are contemporary gallery, contemporary video and performance and artists run gallery and studio.

IMG_0999 IMG_1009 IMG_0997

During my lecture in Foundation Year, i heard about performance artists and saw the slides for the pose or acting an act. Today I had my first taste of what is performance artist.  An artist use his hands to smash a washing machine. I don’t understand why he did it. So I could only think it might be the washing machine playing up on him several times and this is the only way he take his revenge on it or either getting all his frustration with washing machine by destroying it.

IMG_1035 IMG_1070 IMG_1062

Walk in to another studio or gallery it was totally dark with candle  light and reflector light on the projector. I quite like the dark, haunting look in the gallery and it seem to create a different aspect to the artworks. Then came to a tent with green light, an artist standing inside of the tent and waving to one or two guests to go into the tent. He will close the tent entrance and what happened to the guests I had totally no ideas. He will repeat this action again and again.

IMG_1071 IMG_1075 IMG_1087

Finally, we came to the last gallery or studio where an artist standing in front of a speaker saying “Yes, No” then she will walk up to a guest or any part of the room and scream at the top of her voice.This act is totally, utterly weird and bonker  which I felt why is she doing all these.  I think all these performance artists have strong nerves which able to do something like this. Taking into consideration, I can understand why she do this as I get mad with my children or husband, I will go for a walk to the natural reserve or hill then I will shout at the top of my voice to get all my frustrations and anger away.  Probable she is trying to enact how to throw away the anger by screaming out lot..

IMG_1098 IMG_1101

All my photos are taken by iphone and it has not been photoshop as I love the dark and haunting look of it. The performance artists work is not my cup of tea and hopefully I will be able to accept this mode of showing contemporaryl arts.


9 thoughts on “Digbeth First Friday – Birmingham -Art exhibitions

  1. Thank you for this post. I wasn’t able to go, so it was nice to see, but I fully agree – I don’t particularly understand it, it’s not my cup of tea either. Still nice to see what it was all about.

      • I’ m fine but the uni course is very different from college. Sometimes I wish I had taken the HND as we are having to do a magazine at the moment and I would rather be drawing. I will come down and see you all again soon. Hope you are liking your course. See you soon xxxx

      • We have 3 sculptures pieces to finish for the Feb exhibition and having 4 days week at the college does put a lot of pressure on our work as it we are rushing about finding our way around all over again.
        Similar to Foundation except now it is more stressful than previous.
        Look forward to see you soon.

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