HND Fine Art – Drawing

My 2nd weeks of drawing lessons, draw the skeleton of the human body. I have a hate and love passion for drawing, hate due to I can’t draw and  would love it if I could do it. At least our lecturer, Jon is quite understanding and trying his best to correct me in my drawing on proportions, perspectives and tones of my drawing. I felt more comfortable during my 2nd lessons and able  to draw  freely and without self awareness of doing something wrong.


It is quiet daunting facing with a task like this and you have no ideas where to start with. We can choose to draw any parts of the bones we like and can express ourselves but must be detailed drawing. It is out of my comfort zone but we did have drawing sessions during our Foundation Arts and Design and hopefully I am able to get it right. IMG_0952.1

Unfortunately, I haven’t have time to finish my drawing with more shading and tones on it. Thanks God, Jon starting to see my drawing coming up with the brown chalk shading and it started to look better than my lousy attempt to make it perfect. I felt quite happy that it is so childish look but at least it getting better with each lesson and hopefully there is some hope for me to become skilled at drawing.

The following are some of the beautiful and amazing drawings from my classmates where we need to take photos of their works and compared with our work.  I am way behind my classmates but will work harder and practice more to improve my skill and hopefully will be able to draw with confident.


Luke amazing drawing of the skeleton and he saw this piles of bones in another way by adding hat onto it. To make it see more surreal as a person than just bones.


This amazing beautiful drawing is drawn by Alessia.  Perfect and precise in the drawing with great tones and shading.


Maggie’s drawing and great in detail toning and shading to bring out the parts of the bones to show a  different parts of the joints.


Matt’s drawing  – It draw my eye as it is Gothic and it showing the dark side of the world.


Kelly’s drawing  – precise and great perspectives with different tones.

From all our drawings, I found that for mature students we tended to follow the instructions of the lecturer but the younger ones, they work with freedom of what they see and imaginations free flowing with ideas totally with a different aspect.


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