Hong Kong Railway Museum – 香港鐵路博物館

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My husband family living in Tai Po, Hong Kong and the older generation of the families that first settled down in these mountainous terrain were the Hakka group. He always wanted to show me the old railway station which was built in 1913 under the British control. I have never expect to enjoy myself so much at this historical place  and learn lot the history of this old Tai Po Railway Station.


Source from Wikipedi

The Kowloon-Canton Railway (British Section) opened in 1910 in Tai Po Market was one of the stops in the New Territories. The station building was erected in 1913. Since then, it acted as a centre of administration and trade which indirectly boosted Tai Wo Market’s economy by bringing traders there.


The KCR was electrified in 1983 and the station was taken out of service, with new stations being opened to the north (Tai Wo) and south (Tai Po Market) of it. One year later, the Old Tai Po Market Railway Station was declared a monument. The site, together with the buildings and relevant exhibits, were then given to the government by the KCRC for the construction of the Museum.

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The building of the station is unique in the way of architectural style among original Kowloon-Canton Railway (British Section). It is of indigenous Chinese architectural style, with many small figures decorating the exterior, such as are commonly found in existing old southern Chinese temples.

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There are six coaches on the tracks for public viewing and appreciation of the contrast between the old and the new. Besides, there are a pump trolley and a diesel-engined railcar.


I would recommend this beautiful place to all my friends if you are in Hong Kong, it worth a visit for a photo shoot. The coaches are ancient and spotless so it is a good spot for photos shots with models. The trains are well maintenance with staff on site to check it.  It is free admission but check when they are open as we had been here  when they were closed.  The coaches are amazing spooky, haunting beautiful with the old worn lookalike with beautiful light from the windows. It is a ten stars score for this place and advantage is there aren’t any tourists or locals so can enjoy all day taking photos without interruption.


6 thoughts on “Hong Kong Railway Museum – 香港鐵路博物館

    • Amazing places and it is just the perfect spot for a video and model shoot if I can have those factor of free voluntary models to pose for me then this is the spot I will go for it…..
      I enjoy playing with the photoshop with these photos as it has a gothic feel to the surroundings.

      • I agree with you, it would be the perfect spot for some post-apolalytptic shooting ! It would look awesome !

        How did you learn to use photoshop ? by yourself or did you buy a book ? I’m trying to play a bit with it, but it seems very difficult to me.

      • It took me a long time to get around it. till now there are lot of function in the photoshop I still don’t how to use it. I learn it from my studies in Foundation year and now in my 1st year of HND we still have digital lesson so that we can learn more function to play with our photos.
        Most of my photos, I use Nik program where all the function are there and all I have to do is click the icon and then shift the function how bright or darken the photos. these program even have the filter for your photos that is why I am lazy till now didn’t use any filter for my camera when I need 1 or 2 stop slower to lesser the sunlight or smooth water effect.
        I found Nik program improve my photos a lot and I have a great time playing with it and it take lesst than a minutes to enhance one photo.

      • The program also comes with how to use it. I have bought it from google+ where it offer 3 in one. the lightroom 4, photoshop and nik – it cost US$150.00.
        It is very good tools to use for those whose have no ideas and how to use the photoshop this is a good bargain to get it from.

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