Tai Tung Shan – 大東山, Hong Kong

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In Hong Kong, every Sunday, my friends will gather together to go for trekking or rock climbing. This Saturday  they have planned  the route to trek Tai Tung Shan, 大東山. Been told not to bring lot of things with me especially my camera not to bring the long len as it is too heavy to carry.  We also packed about 4 bottles of water and some food.  We met at the Tung Chung station and took a bus to Tai Tung Shan. From there we trekking up hill, there are 3 separate parts of this mountain, first level is esay with plenty of waterfall for us to soak into after trekking every 1 or 2 miles. There are several waterfalls as further we climbed uphills.

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Source from Wikipedia

Sunset Peak or Tai Tung Shan (Chinese: 大東山) is the third highest peak in Hong Kong. It is situated on Lantau Island within Lantau South Country Park and Lantau North Country Park and stands at a height of 869 metres (2,851 ft) above the sea level.[1][2] The second highest Lantau Peak is on the western part of the island.

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We have to wear the suitable shoe for tekking on the water so that we will not slip from the slippery rocks. Amazing scenery and sights and lot of wildlife in this beautiful mountain. The hardest parts is the third portions where we have to rock climbing up onto the big rocks. this mountains are for the expert  as I am not so fit and  my legs and arms are giving up and have to stop every two steps. I love the wildlife in these mountains and enjoy the trekking so much but unfortunately I do not like the rock climbing as I worry I will slip of the edge of the rocks any time.


Once we climbed to the 3rd level of the mountains, we have to follow the wooded track into the wood which lead us down to the bus station so that we can go back to the city for our dinner.  Hong Kong is the easier place to go for trekking or hiking as  it is easy to access  by the MTR or buses to lead you to any of this rural spots. This spot is not for unskilled climber or hiker so it is best to have a expert guide  to lead into these mountains. We reached the bus station about 6.00 p.m., I am totally exhausted and don’t want to move again and ready to call a nite.

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I always look forward to the hiking/trekking session with my friends whenever I am in Hong Kong. The mountains are free admittance and there is no expenses incurred, to enjoy the beauty of nature which Earth mother gifted to us.





2 thoughts on “Tai Tung Shan – 大東山, Hong Kong

  1. It looks very nice indeed ! I hope I will visit Hong Kong at one point, and if I do, I will do some hiking ! It seems very convenient like you said, if you can take the public transport to the start of the hike.

    • Yes, it is easy to go for hiking but don’t use the waterfall rockclimbing method to go uphill as that is harder and needed a rockclimbing guide to lead the ways.

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