My five days black & white challenge in facebook

IMG_8517.1  At Fjovargljufur Canyon, Iceland – this look like a painting but it was a village on top of the mountains cover with snow.

I was nominated by Lawrence Graves, a photographer in facebook to take up this black and white challenge for 5 days and each day I have to post a  black & white photo and nominate a photographer to take up the challenge. For this 5 days I have to name five different photographers to take up this challenge. I would like to thank my friends  Jackie Brooks, Kwok Kin Yau, Tri Joko, Hilda Murray and Mamede Harfouche for taking up this challenge, to carry the chain of promoting black and white photos in facebook and other networking. Today is my 5th day of posting and happy to say “A Big Thank You to all my friends who take up this challenge”

IMG_9236.1At Krafla Volcano, Iceland

I have never enjoyed black and white photo processing before but I simply love this opportunity to look into my photos and think how make it look better in a black and white print.  I am please with these processing and would love to share it with my all my friends in wordpress.

IMG_8843.1 On our way to Vik, Iceland

IMG_0365.1 At Wong Tai Sin Temple, Hong Kong

IMG_9597.1 At Trees at the Bay, Singapore – There are tree make of wire and planted with plant climbers around it and the walk way up above and around the trees to view the city of Singapore,

A big salute to all the photographers who take up these challenge in all different networking to promote black and white photos.




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