Sculpture -weeks 2 & 3

IMG_3119The latex around the meat break apart but I love it as it give me the idea of our skin tone

My 1st attempt using the mode of material latex for my sculpture project.  Unfortunately, I couldn’t find my photos for the process that I had done. Dried the cured ham  then pour the latex which mixed with coffee bean  onto it. Leave it and wait till it dried.  But when it dried I peeled the latex from the plastic holder the side of the latex break apart and I had to redo it again and sew the ham joined together at the center. I love the soft, skin latex lookalike after effect. It also show the lines and curves on the ham covered by the latex.  I quite love this method but unfortunately, my cat simply love the smell of the ham and wanted to eat the latex ham which give me another problem of how to get rid of the smell and prevent the meat rotten.

IMG_3121 IMG_3120

I love this piece but as you can see from the photo that there are lot of black spots on the ham that was the meat getting rotten but on the latex I can simply see the lines and curves of the meat clearly display.

After 4 weeks later, the meat turned into darker color but no rotten smell come out of the meat.  I sew the latex piece onto a fabric.

Next I used wax to cover the ham. this process was not successful, the wax break apart once it was dry .  Mode of material – wax is ruled out.

IMG_1103 IMG_1117 – ham covered with wax

Dried the cured ham and used resin to cover it and left it to dry. It was not a successful testing again.  Once the resin harden, it was a piece of plastic coated the ham in between. So Mode of materials – resin is out.

IMG_1120 IMG_1118 2sample piece – ham coated in resin

The last mode of method was using latex to coat the ham and apply a layer of wood varnish onto it. When it  dried, I have a totally darken latex which can’t see the ham or the lines or curves on it. I feel so helpless at this stage as all the methods which I have tried  are not to my satisfaction and it will take about 1 month to marinate the meat so that it will not decay and also to get rid of the scent of the meat.

IMG_3123This piece – the ham with latex and polish with wood varnish.


4 thoughts on “Sculpture -weeks 2 & 3

    • We have to get the ideas from great masters of the past and artists of this century – from research to exploration stages and pathway stages to exhibition. During each testing process we will think how to do it bigger and till exhibition stages we will planning how to display our works.
      From the theme our lecturer given to us and we have to get ideas from theme. Yea, this is the common stages where all artists have to been through so that they can explain the ideas and concept of their works. I will update my work gradually in my blogging to keep a record/journal of it.
      Thanks my friend and have a beautiful Thursday.

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