Travel To tusi Castle, zhangjiajie, China


Our  3rd day in Zhangjiajie, China, our tour guide Tang had arrange a full day schedule places to visit and which restaurants to visit so that we can eat foods prepared by different ethic minority tribes in Zhangjiajie.  There are 10 to 11 minority tribes living in Hunan and each culture have different ways of cooking but the main dishes is consist of chillies hot dishes.


The first place is Tusi Castle and it is a bit dull if you don’t like the history of China.  My children  weren’t  keen on history and they found this place is too boring for their taste. Probably that is younger generation don’t appreciate ancient history of China.



Tusi Castle was built in Yongzhong’s  8 year of Qing dynasty (A.D. 1730) ,, Qin Chungyi, Ruler of 1st Generation of Yongding Maogano Yi Nationality in China, went with the crowd, submitted a written statement to request “bureaucratization of native officers” for 3 times, the Court praised him loyal and obedient granted him as Qianzong, allowed him to build hereditary hall and ruler’s castle.

IMG_7968.1 IMG_7984.1

Tusi Castle covered an area 120 mus, integrating and overlapping the hanging group houses and the landed watch tower in a whole, one of the largest remaining castle, it is the ancient civilization birthplace and agglomeration of Tujia Nationality., a large number of precious relics left over in the castle, known as “Southern Forbidden City”. In 2002, the architectural wonder “Jiuchongtian hanging house” and thousand people Mao Goose dance were recorded in the Guinness Book of World records. In 2003, it was listed in the national 4A scenic zone and Zhangjiajie quality tourist route.

IMG_7980.1 IMG_7973.1

In my opinion the hanging house is beautiful and it is a work of art. It is good to see it and we even can go up into the hanging house which consist of 3 levels, It is a labour of love and workmanship to created such a beautiful hanging house in those ancient times. Unfortunately the precious relics left over in the castle to be compare with “Forbidden City in Beijing’ which I find it is a bit exaggerate and it is not worth the price of the entry tickets we have been charge to visit this ancient castle. We only in this castle for 2 hours as it does not take long to see all as the main attraction is the “hanging house”.

Scored for this Tusi Castle is 3 out of 10


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