Sculpture – weeks 6, 7 and 8


After several testing and exploring and back to research again, I had completed several test pieces by using scrim, latex and plaster and my only frustration  that I have wasted two bloody lessons due to the model which I wanted to use been taken by another student to make her project and another lesson I took the day off to visit an exhibition  –  Artist Ai WeWei’s Sculptures at Yorkshire Sculpture Park.

IMG_3168 IMG_3169IMG_3167

Some will think I am crazy,  the works that I have carried out so far and  not happy with all my works.  I decide to take a step further and use the PVA on the scrim to harden it first then use the fire to dry it. It created this amazing curves and forms.  Once it dried, apply with acrylic paints on it with  PVA glue, put to fire to dry it.  The scrim became a form of thin wire and it was unbreakable, as it is thread it will be fragile and break apart so I’m wrong on this.

IMG_3170 IMG_3207IMG_3222

Next experiment I use the scrim to dye in different colors  and apply PVA glue to harden it.  Once it finished using the latex that I have made and sew it onto it and fire it again.  It came out alright, I think it not something I want. So more testing  by using the scrim onto the model and then apply with layers of latex on it. I had to apply about 4 to 6 times for the latex to be strong.

IMG_3253 IMG_3448

Quite happy with this finish product but when more research into Artist Rodin’s work, The Kiss, I wanted to do something similar as his sculptures by using plaster to create the dent of the muscle in the body. The finish piece of latex is too perfect.

LI-mam-kiss-008bGreat Master Auguste Rodin – The Kiss


Went back to my College and started to work with plaster clay onto the model and hopefully it will be successful so that it could be a mold for next experiment to use wax with it. No, my piece broke due to too fragile as it needed another layer on it. I wanted to redo another one but it had been taken by someone so now I had to wait for a few days to get hold of it and do more experiment on  it.

These are not the exact sculptures as it have to attached to the fiber glass as the finish product for my February Show in the Birmingham Work Gallery. There will be more testing and research to do later.


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