Tujia Oldest House, Zhangjiajie, China


Our next destination was to visit the Tujia Oldest House, Zhangjiajie, China

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Tujia within its enclosed walls. It is a kaleidoscope of Tujia culture, folk residences, daily labor activities, wedding customs, attires, crafts including batik, brocade, embroidery, stone carvings and root sculptures as well as a myriad of primitive and enchanting tribe dances, such as Maogusi Dance, Bronze Bell Dance and Baishou Dance, which are performed everyday on its squares.

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Tujia architectures include Baishou Hall, Tusi Castle, Tujia Village and Houwang Palace. Setting in lush trees, pristine streams and wild blossoms, these wood-stone establishments blend in with the environment harmoniously. Featuring upturned eaves, fabulous paintings and delicate sculptures, they are living testaments to the aristocracy of Tujia nobles.

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I am shocked to find that the locals are not so keen on the culture or traditional architectures, mainly to earn monies and most of the younger ones if they have the chance they will leave the hometown  and stay in the bigger town to look for work and earning monies.

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The Tujia oldest house is worth the monies for the entrance tickets., there are lot of old relics and antique furniture and equipments used in the ancient times  have been well preserved and the tourists can even sit on it and have a go on the wedding carriage.  There is a school room, 2 princess rooms with layers of wood craving on the panels and the more panels it house it represent high status in the family. As this house belong to someone in the high status of royal families so it consider a posh house in those days. There is much details on this house but I find fascinating and interesting and it is great to sit on those antique furniture in the ancient times.


6 thoughts on “Tujia Oldest House, Zhangjiajie, China

    • Thanks Arielle, It is a beautiful trips but we have encounter a lot of problems in China before we met our this tour guide that I found at the train station who help us solve our transport problems due to cancellation of trains to Zhangjiajie and he manage to get us coach that is not meant for tourists to take and then help to find a driver to take us for our 10 days trips in Zhangjiajie.

      • No, It didn’t ruin our trip but in the end we ended up spending lot of monies for the 10 days in China but it is worth it as we get to see more than we expected.

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