Print Making – Lino Printing


Our first lesson of Print Making is Lino Printing, the theme for the final project is “Reflection”.  I have no idea what I am going to do with this theme so my choice of photo is from the website. Artist  Naum Gabo’s drawing of “Linear Construction in Space”, the artist able  to bend and use stainless steel with bronze and piano wire to create something that can be a symbol of the emergence of steel in the art world. The lines and curves create a form and it look like a musical instrument.

Model for 'Linear Construction No. 3 with Red' 1952 by Naum Gabo 1890-1977

I have to copy the image on a tracing paper and photocopy on the reverse side. Trace the image on the lino and then use the lino cutter to cut the lines. It is my 1st attempt to use the lino cutter and unable to cut the lines straight. The lino is the plate for printing and my plate is lousy compared with all my friends. I choose the Gabo’s drawing due to similarity with Artist Henri Matisse’s work using lines on lino to print his artworks. The great master using lines to create beautiful, emotion with movements of white line on the black. One of the most famous image is “The fear which grows and sticks in your throat”. which is a woman is shown with her head thrown back in a silent shriek.

Matisse_Pasiphae2 matisse-print-2

I had used different type of papers, bubble wrap, tracing paper and fabric for my printing. I like the collage with different layer on top of each other which give a different tones to each image. Using bubble wraps to print the image on it and put into the press machine.  Some of the bubble did burst but most of it still intact, after going to the press I use the plate to press the image on the paper. I kinda of like this one as it create a different textures to the print.

IMG_0965 IMG_0967

Of all the prints I made the fabric  turn up the best as the ink is evenly spread and the lines were clearly shown.  Some of my print the colors was too thick that it create an unbalance spread on the background and some of the thin lines didn’t show on the print. Also the lines which I wrongly craved also show on the print.

IMG_0966 IMG_0959

I find that this technique need more skill with precise hand movements. I need more practice, to be able to compare my work with the Great Master works I need years and years of practice before I am able to be perfect in this skill. His work “the fear” clearly shown with just a white line on the black surface where else my form of structure is a bit out of shape. It is alright I need more practice to be perfect.



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