Ikon Gallery – Artist Imran Qureshi -19th Nov 2014 – 25th Jan 2015

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I am feeling a bit down after our interim assessment, it has nothing to do with my works as all my works are pretty up to-date. My previous lecturers  were quite good and tried to talk to me, hopefully I can lift up my energy to do my works but it seen nothing can help me.  We been given the morning session on Friday to go to Ikon Gallery, , Brindley Place, Birmingham B1 2HS.

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I have  a shock in my system when I saw  this Great Artist, Imran Qureshi ‘s works. He lives and works in Lahore, Pakistan. He is trained in the regionally and historically rooted discipline of miniature painting, Qureshi combines this tradition with current affairs, and the formal language of abstract painting. Personal observations of everyday life in Pakistan are juxtaposed with references to violent acts that a terrible reality in his home country.

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The theme is introduced in Ikon’s first floor through the powerful imagery of Still Moving (2014 and This Leprous Brightness – 2010 -2011. The blood- red impressions of the artist’s feet are embellished with intricate drawings of flower petals. There blossoms, represent “germs of hope” and using this motif throughout the artist’s work.

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The title: “They Shimmer Still -2012, the artist uses acrylic and gold leaf on a pair of large oval canvases to dramatic effect. The red pigment simulates the bloody aftermath of the atrocity witnessed by Qureshi in Lahore. “It became personal after a terrorist attack in a busy market place in Pakistan 2010, …the imagery of the blood spattered surface emerged then.

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On the Ikon’s second floor  galleries feature large scale drawings and installations made in-situ by the artist. The exhibition concludes with and they still seek the traces of blood – 2013 to 2014, a mountainous pile of thousands of sheets of crumpled paper printed with images of the artist’s previous installations. The title  is about those who have been buried without their lives honored or the circumstances of their deaths investigated.


I am  so emotionally connected with his works especially on the second floor when I saw the white drawings papers with drawing on it, all the blood flows everywhere on the floor and the walls. I image that a person is being dead and cover with a white blanket with blood flowing everywhere. I have a shock impact when I saw this artworks and it lifted me from my depression and have the energy to move forward with my artwork again.

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I would recommend this exhibition to anyone who is keen in Fine Art or see beautiful works this is a must to see if you happen to be in Birmingham, England. The entrance fee is free of charge and you can take photos of the artist’s works.  Qureshi’s exhibition will be end on 25th January 2015.

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Scored for this place and exhibition: 10/10


6 thoughts on “Ikon Gallery – Artist Imran Qureshi -19th Nov 2014 – 25th Jan 2015

    • Hi,
      Thanks my friend, I’m getting better and ready to rock again. I have not being writing any posts for two weeks now and hopefully there are more coming. The weather in here are horrible cold and wet. How are you doing in your place and hope it is better than we have here.

      • The weather is not very good here, and is often similar to what you get in the UK. It has been snowing a few times and freezing at night.

        When I go to work it’s dark outside, and when I come back, it’s dark again. It is depressing. I understand your feeling.

      • Yea, we are lucky and it is not snowing here yet but similar weather condition as you and it does put a damp on everything that it make it harder to write or do anything more….

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