Red Rocks Forest, Zhangjiajie, China – part 1

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After our tour at the Furong Ancient Town, our tour guide lead us to the Red Rocks Forest, Zhangjiajie, China. This park is near to Furong Town, it was opened to public in 2011 and it is still under construction to built this park.  The weather was about 38 degree and it was so hot that we had difficulties to walk under the hot sun.  The rocks are bright red colors under the bright sunlight.

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Sources from the China Tourism

Xiangxi Red Rock Forest locates in Jietong and Duanlong township in Guzhang county with an area of 30 kilometers square. Its opposite bank is the famous scenic spot“Fu Rong Town”. It is the unique red carbonic acid rock forest in China formed in Cambrian. Very long time ago, here spread over a sea of water.

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Now,Red Rock Forest is being developed into a national geological park where karst, gorge, karst cave, valley and waterfall are distributed together. It is really a resort of both high value of geologic and scientific research, aesthetic appreciation and tour landscape. Another attracting and mysterious thing is that the color of rock here can change with weather and temperature. In summer with hot sun, its color turns into fiery red. During cloudy day, it would be maroon with purple. However in heavy rainy day, it is black.

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We walked  for about 1 hour and stop for a break to buy some water melons from the hawker selling the fruits. It was refreshing and gave us some energy to walk further into the forest of red rocks.  We walked for another hour and came to the top of the mountains where there was a small shop with seats under the shelter of the hot sun and sitting at there we can view the forest of red rocks.

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We bought bottle of drinks from the shop and owner of the shop  is an old man sitting with us. He is so kind and helpful and he started to sing to us so as to entertain us. We also have a lady guide from this park which our tour guide provide it for us and both of them singing together.  Sitting around in this shelter we have so much fun that we stayed at this place for about 2 hours.

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He look so happy even he earn peanut for his living as we found out that there wasn’t  a lot tourists come to this park as it is  not fully finish yet and there are still lot of works to be done so that it is worth the value for money they charge for the entrance fee for this park.

I will continue this Red Rocks Forest in my 2nd blogging.


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