Red Rocks Forest, Zhangjiajie, China – Part 2

_DSC1061.1 _DSC1056.1We enjoyed ourselves and love the mountains songs sung by the Shop owner and our tour guide from the Red Rocks Forest National Geopark.We talk with the locals about their life living in this beautiful place. From the youngsters they want to earn more monies to survive but the older generations they are happy and content with present life.

_DSC1063.1 _DSC1064.1

After hours of free entertainment from both of the guide and the shop owner, we have to carry with our trekking into the red rocks forest. We are amazed to found that one section of the red rocks  were surrounded with sunflowers and other species of flowers.  It just getting better than we expect as in these conditions we don’t expect to see flowers and it was a shock to see sunflowers blooming among these rocks.

_DSC1059.1 _DSC1060.1

About half an hour, we came upon the lake where the rocks were reflected on the still water.  We stay here for a bit to take photos as we have to trek for an hour to reach the visitor’s shop where the staffs were busy embroidery beautiful landscape painting onto the canvas.


This is an amazing beautiful, and astonishing  place to visit. I would love to come back to this place again once they are fully completed. I tried to download the mountains songs unfortunately, the system can’t accept my itune video on it.


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