Sculpture – weeks 9 and 10


During these 2 weeks  I have used the plaster paris to make the torso, made 5 pieces and cracked 2 pieces. As my lecturer told me to use fabric as a base so that it will not crack easily but I do not want any fabric on the torso and it will base on luck and technical to get it.

IMG_3540 IMG_3541

I used one of the plaster torso  to fill it up with wax, I need it to be brown  as skin color so mixed some coffee into the resin and wait till it melt. I had no idea why the wax was boiling with bubbles and one of my colleague told me, she had not seen it like this before. When the wax went into the mold, the coffee just subsided down into the breast. it took me 4 hours to pour the wax into the torso and I have to wait till it dry to remove the wax.

IMG_3546 IMG_3622

It took 1 day to dry and I quite like this piece as the coffee stained through the plaster and created the nipples on the breast and it look like a person body, unfortunately I can’t remove the wax from the mold. I can’t save my this mold as I have to crack or hammer mold to get my wax piece. There is no way I able to get the complete wax torso out of my mold, as some part is too thin and it will break or crack when I hammer it.

IMG_3546 IMG_3629

IMG_3625 IMG_3633

Hell bent on destruction so I simply just threw the plaster mold onto the floor, the impact was so cool. I felt so happy and relief after destroying my piece, it took days to complete one piece but it just take seconds to destroy it. I only manage to salvage one solid piece which was the breast portion and it look so beautiful like a stone carving. Due to lack of time to do another proper torso with wax I will have to wait for another term to explore this media.



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