Tribute to Paris Massacre

Freedom for speech, democratic and expression

Tribute to Paris Massacre

Together in unity



9 thoughts on “Tribute to Paris Massacre

  1. It was really horrible what happened last week, I was so shocked. I was at work, then my colleague told me what happened, and I told her, are you sure it’s not a joke or something like that. I couldn’t believe it

    1. it is so sad to hear this bad new and so sorry about this late reply due to my bad cold and had been sick in bed for almost 2 weeks. Totally out of touch with all my friends at the wordpress.

      1. Still have the cold but getting better now as I need to rushed back to Hong Kong for my father in law funeral wake next week.
        Thanks my friend.

      2. Thanks and yea hopefully I can sleep all day in the flight so that I can reach Hong Kong totally fresh for the wake. At least I can enjoy the Chinese new year in Hong Kong so it is not a bad deal after all…Ha!!!

  2. Yea, it really shock the world but hopefully the march will bring all together and unite as one. Hopefully we can live in a world full of peace, freedom at speeches, expression and democratic.

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