Travel back home – Singapore


I am totally out of contact for a few weeks, due to I am so sick. had 2 weeks off from college and stay in bed to recover from a bad cold.  During this New year 2015, I have bad and good news. bad new is within 6 months, my father-in-law had just passed away and I am going back to Hong Kong for the Funeral wake. The good news is I become a young grandmother as my daughter has just given birth to a new baby boy on Sunday.

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i always enjoy going back home to Singapore, as all my relatives staying in Singapore. The opportunities where I can eat lot of wild and exotic fruits such as durians and rambutans etc.  As my friends and relatives will buy lot of durians for us and we will have a durians feast at home, yea, I will get fatter each trip back home.

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This trip back home we stay 2 days at the Marina Bay Sands, Singapore we have such a wonderful times at the hotel where we  enjoying the pool at the top of the hotel, we can see the lighting shows on every night around 7.45 p.m to 8.30 p.m.  There are musical fountains and lighting show ar the garden at the bay.  There is a pathway through the hotel to see this show free without entrance fee.

IMG_9799.1 IMG_9791.1

I spend two days at the hotel where we  enjoyed window shopping and having various cuisine from different countries at the food court or restaurants in these shopping malls.  The pathways also lead to Raffles Shopping Center and Orchard Road Shopping malls but we were just too lazy to venture out of the hotel.  My friends and relatives came to visit us at the hotel to chat and we went window shopping with them. I simply love this 5 stars hotel where I can totally relax and enjoy being lazy and doing nothing but just eat and relax. A cool way to relax but not for Singaporeans, they are hardworking lot and seldom take times for a break as they spend most of their waking hours working hard to earn a living so they can have a better life.  A small island full of places to go and shop if you wish and if you don’t want to shop, there are lot of empty beaches where you can relax and sun tan. There are East Coast Beach where lot of sea foods stalls open in the night after a day outing, Pasir Ris beach is a place you can have a bbq there on the beach, the beaches are only busy in the weekend and it is pretty quiet in the weekday. All these beaches are free of charge and there is also the Santos but the entrance fee is expensive  with lot of attractions places to visit and theme park to enjoy.


2 thoughts on “Travel back home – Singapore

    • Ohhh!!! it is it hard to love or like durians as the smell can put someone off who doesn’t like it. My children and husband don’t like it….
      Thanks my friend and have a wonderful Sunday…

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