Zhi Gong Temple, Kaoshsiung, Taiwan


We have our lunch in a restaurant and on our way to tea testing.  The factory is on the side of the main road and lot of coaches with loads of tourists busy testing the different favor of tea and titbits.  I couldn’t resist the titbits of dried fruits but I don’t fancy chinese tea so I didn’t buy any of that.  To be fair , even though I am not expert in tea but do like the tea which we been given to drink. The tea is light and smooth to my throat and that is good  bag of tea for me.

IMG_1257.1 IMG_1255.1 IMG_1199.1 IMG_1198.1

We are on our way to Alishan, and stop over at a Tao temple known as Zhi Gong Temple.  We had enough of temples visiting and hopefully this will be the last one. I am not sure the name for the temple  but it is beautifully and grandly built and preserve for the locals believer to do their prayers.   The temple facing a metal-chain built bridge over a wide flowing river.  It is dry season  in Taiwan so we can go for a walk on beach to stretch our legs and beside this beach there is steps leading to the top of the mountains  but we are not sure we can hike there.

IMG_1224.1 IMG_1222.1 IMG_1191.1 IMG_1186.1

After our paying our respect to the Zhi Gong we walk around the local shops and bought some titbits and drinks as we still have a long drive to Alishan.  I thought Taiwan is not a big country but I am surprise that we spent more times sitting in the mini bus then tripping around the landmarks of Taiwan.

IMG_1253.1 IMG_1240.1



7 thoughts on “Zhi Gong Temple, Kaoshsiung, Taiwan

    • Enjoy yourself and there are lot of cheap foods and stuffs to buy. I love the nature scenery more as there are lot to see and venture around the mountains which we didn’t have the times for hiking or trekking around it.

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