Alishan Nature Reserve Park, Taiwan

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Our additional trip started at 4.00 a.m. in the morning, we were ready and the weather was extremely cold in August.  All of us wearing warm clothing and packed into the mini truck and the driver drove into the fog covered road to the reserve. it took us about half an hour to reach the destination. There were lot of tourists awaiting for the sunrise and the person in charge of the reserve using a mike  talking about the weather and tried to get us to buy some of the honey and titbits from the stall sellers.

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Most of us were half awake and had no interest in buying anything, just wish the guide kept his mouth shut up as he was causing lot of noises around these lovely mountains surrounded by trees. About half an hour later we saw the sun peeking out of the clouds and the mist covered the mountains peaks.  utterly worth the effort for this sighting and once the  sun fully up there were lot of monkeys came out of the trees looking for foods on the trees.

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We had half an hour to take photographs of the sunrise and proceed to the thousand years tree. The tree is approximate one or two thousand years old, and some part of the tree was damaged but it still standing proud and tall,. The reserve was trying to save this tree and works and experiments has  been carried out  to help this tree.  There were wooden stairs leading down into a hill or gorge so that we view the tree from bottom up,  We had another half an hour to 45 minutes to take photos and bought some honey and titbits. We were on our way back to the hotel to join our driver to start our next journey.

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We been told by the staff that this tour covered about 4 or 5  points of interest of Alishan in the reserve but the driver only took us to two points of interest of this reserve only. We felt a bit  conned by staff for hard selling us this packet and complaints to our driver so he decided after breakfast he will try his best to take us to another 2 spots of interest in the reserve.

IMG_1841,1  IMG_1826.1


In fact, i would love to trek around these mountains and sit around to enjoyed a hot cup of tea or coffee and waiting for the sunrise.


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