Secret hideaway – Fazeley Park, Tamworth, England

IMG_5077.1 IMG_5057.1

Fazeley Park is a small little hideaway in Tamworth, where the locals help to keep this little reserve for wildlife. I have been to this little hideaway with friends living nearby and we stay overnight for stargazing.  Our stargazing days are over as my friend had head back to Malaysia for good.

IMG_5064.1 IMG_5059.1

Get all packed up and hope to see the eclipse of the sun on the 20th March 2015, unfortunately, didn’t bought any filters for my camera so unable to take any photos of the eclipse.

IMG_5065.1 IMG_5053.1

Have my first sighting of the swans having a courting game with it mate and have a joyful times capturing their behavior and entice for courting the opposite party.


My digital version of the eclipse which I had seen with my naked eye and  this abstract image represent the emotion, romantic and beautiful moment to just view this special eclipse once in my life time.


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