Alishan Reserve Park, Taiwan

IMG_2108.1 IMG_2261.1 IMG_2291.1 IMG_2238.1

Our driver tried to make up for us and drove us to the last two hot spot destinations for us to have a look. The thick fog covered  the mountains and roads and we totally can’t see in front of the road. The children sleeping in the car but the driver was having a hard times driving these deadly snake road curving around the mountains.

IMG_2386.1 IMG_2418.1 IMG_2469.1 IMG_1955.1

We reached the observation platform to view the beautiful scenery of the mountains but it was totally covered with mist and  freezing cold, the children were not keen to see a blanket of white. We went to see the lovers trees, these pair of trees standing for over 500 years and it started to rot on some parts of the trees and the staff in the park are trying ways to save these two trees.

IMG_195.17 IMG_2493.1IMG_1940.1

The mountains surrounding these reserve were quite stable there are some stones slipping from the mountains now and then but not a great deal till we are on our way to Hualian, our trip became chaos due to landslip. After Alishan, we are on our way to Sun Moon Lake which according to the Taiwan guide that it is the country most beautiful lake.

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