Sun Moon Lake, Nantou County, Taiwan

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It took us about 3 hours drive to reach Sun Moon Lake, the driver took us to a restaurant to have our lunch.  The restaurant look quite old and daunting but the food were well cooked and delicious. After lunch we bought ferry tickets to cruise the Sun Moon Lake, there were various cruise companies operating this tour. We have to wait for 45 minutes for our ferry and our first destination to the island was to visit the temple.

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Quite an old temple and we had to walk up various stairs up hill to the temple, nothing special about this temple but there were lot of tourists visiting this island. We didn’t spent long on this temple and took another ferry to another island  where there was cable car to go up to the mountains to observe the Sun Moon Lake in full view. We were late for the cable car as we had to take the last cable car at 3.30 p.m.  We walk around this little town and had some pearl tea which this little town is famous for it.

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Sun Moon Lake is pretty as it look man-made lake than the natural reserve surrounding the islands.  Tourists are not encourage to walk around the reserve surrounding the lake which I was looking forward to and hope  to see the native wildlife of this little town. Quite happy to leave this town and on our way to Wushe. It took us about 3 hours to reach the hotel and have a great shock that we occupied most of the rooms except for one couple at this level. The hotel room was massively huge with two queen sized beds and a sitting room. There was also a large sitting room outside our rooms for us to enjoy ourselves. We went to the local night market for our dinner and bought some titbits and beer to finish our day.

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Sun Moon Lake is a thumb up for me as I love wildlife and I managed to caught a heron on a wooden cask.


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