Cing Jing Farm, Wushe, Taiwan

IMG_2741.1 IMG_2661.1

Packed and ready for our tour to Cing Jing Farm and it was pouring with rain.  When we reached Cing Jing Farm at least the rain eas slightly  and we were able to walk around  Cing Jing Farm. This farm was meant for children than adult, our heart felt young and enjoying every minutes of it. The pony were out for children to ride  and sheep grazing at the rolling fields.

IMG_2749.1 IMG_2769.1 IMG_2726.1 IMG_2717.1 IMG_2711.1 IMG_2707.1

The farm organized show of farming techniques and how to shave the sheep fur. Plenty of activities to  entertainment for children and children are encourage to take part in the show. The farm having entertainment show 3 times a day, the local stalls selling fruits grew from the farm. The sheep walk among tourists looking free food or titbits from the tourists. The sheep were not shy from strangers. After the show we went back to look for our driver as he will drive us  to the local market  for our lunch.

IMG_2763.1 IMG_2818.1 IMG_2736.1 IMG_2769.1


The hawker stalls around the parking lot look horrible but they are famous for beef noodle soup. Once we finished our lunch and our way  to Hualian.


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