Taroko, Taiwan

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Our driver had drove for 2 hours where we came to Taroko National Park but we didn’t stop at Taroko National Park to see the amazing, rugged and adventurous mountains in this national park.  We needed to go through the Taroko using the only main leading road to Hualien.  Due to there was a landslip in Hualien and the  main road around the mountains was block for major work repair.

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As other motorists went by the longer way which will take them 6 or 7  hours to reach Hualien by another way but our driver doesn’t want to risk it. So he followed the sign going to Tri Mountain to take us out of these dangerous mountains snake passes and road. Unfortunately, we drove for another two hours and the tourist agent called him on his mobile to inform him, the main road to Hualien was open and requested him to drive back again to where we came from.

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The mountains snake  passes were scary with road broken or spit out in the middle or at the side of the road.  We can saw big trees cracked on the side of the road splitting the side barrier without any signboard showing the danger of the road. Our driver was so scare and worry about the safety of our life so when the staff told him to drive back immediate  when he can reserve the van back from the road  and go back to the way we came from.

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Sadly it took us  4 to 5 hours to drive up and down the same road and we still stuck at the original road where the road was block due to landslip. Luckily, there was a police station where we can asked for direction and used their toilet facilities,  and been told by the policeman that we need to go back by the same way where we came from as there was other road to Hualien due to landslip.

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This was totally madness and chaos,  had been on the road for 5 hours now and still had to go back to the same dangerous way where we came from was totally bonker. We can’t do anything but to drive back the same road where we came from. We were tired and hungry but our  driver daren’t to stop as he worry as night fall it will be even harder for him to drive safely.. I love the danger of these awesome, rugged, harsh and adventurous mountains and would love to come back again to visit these beautiful place.


3 thoughts on “Taroko, Taiwan

    • Utterly beautiful and scenic place to visit especially there aren’t any houses around these mountains – we might go there again this summer, I simply love the mountains and countryside of Taiwan, they doesn’t have the man-made pretty stamp on these country sides and the mountains and worth visiting and hopefully this trip we are able to trek some of the mountains to get the feel with natuel as one soul….

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